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Work or school demands may require you to commute long distances. But the truth is that it has more negative impacts on your body. Various studies have shown that sitting behind the wheel for a long distance or in traffic increases weight, reduces the lifespans and brings along some health conditions. People who can cycle or walk to work are likely to have a healthier lifestyle than a person who will jump out of the office and get hunched at the wheel for more than an hour. Unless a person creates time for exercises, their life is in danger. Fitness enthusiasts will always choose the meilleur moment pour prendre arimidex and exercise to reduce the effect of commuting. To show you how serious this is, let us discuss some of the disadvantages of a long commute 🙂 –
1. Stress and Depression- There are numerous ways that promote stress and depression during the long commute, especially during the peak of traffic. If someone is having some stress back at home or workplace, this is the place they will spend more time thinking about it. Out of the many drivers we see stranded in a traffic jam, a big number of them are lost in thoughts. Employers who allow their employees to have flexible shifts such that they can commute home when there is no traffic reduce chances of having a stressed employee.
2. Obesity- Commuting for long every day promotes obesity. According to studies, some people have confirmed to have added weight when they started commuting long. Sitting behind the wheel for long is likely to take away the time set aside for exercises. It is possible to do away with a gym session once your job or education errand starts taking much time. Other people even bring a snack to eat as they wait for the traffic jam.
3. Blood Pressure- As other conditions like obesity take charge, blood pressure also starts to take effect. A high cholesterol pileup in the veins will definitely increase the blood pressure. Sitting on the driver’s seat actually makes it worse as there is no better flow of blood to all organs and body parts. There is little time to stretch, especially for office workers. They wake up from sitting behind a desk for many hours to sitting in the car. The same routine is also repeated in the morning when coming to work.
**Possible Solutions**- Should people wait until everyone’s health is affected? Definitely no. There are a couple of things people can do to save this situation. No matter how much time and commuting take, it is crucial to creating time for exercises. Simple stretching and aerobic exercises in the morning for about 30 minutes will do the trick. You could also create a running schedule for about three times a week to stretch the body. It is also important that a person parks the car away from the office and walk the remaining distance where possible. Frequent medical check ups will help to know if there is any health impact you are already getting by now. The medical practitioner will recommend a solution for your blood pressure and any other health effect.