Tips You Should Know Before Buying A Foot Callus Remover

Calluses are somehow very frustrating to a lot of people. These are thick parts of the skin that are comprised of grouped dead skin cells. These are commonly found in skeletal areas specifically on our hands and feet. How do we get these? Most of the time, our hands and feet develop these protective layers

How I met my Best Friend?

Friends are life, and BFFs are lifeline, don’t you all agree? You can’t be as open as you are with a best friend if compared to a regular friend. For a person as particular as me, friendship is not about numbers but about quality. I don’t have “n” number of friends but those who I

Explore Underwater magic with scuba diving

My TV plays a scene about the marine life and I leave anything and everything I am doing right there, sit and watch until it’s over. Yeah! That’s so me. I haven’t got a chance to explore the beauty and infinite lengths of sea myself but the underwater magic is really spell-binding and has the

How to Find Government Jobs in India

No matter how happy you are with your current private job, working environment and the perks they offer, the security factor lacks. Job security is a big concern in private sector, if an employee works hard with full devotion they have chances of staying for few more months and if they lack the required skills

Kareena’s Precious Anniversary Surprise

What do you think is the reason why people say that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Is it only because they are expensive and she feels she’s worth it? or she actually respects the unexplainable beauty of diamonds. Well, there is no specific answer to it but for sure there is an undying connection

Affimity- A new concept

Today’s post is bit different from what I usually put, I am going to talk about a social networking website which is far different from other social media channels we all are registered on. It’s created by a group of friends who are zealous towards their interests and found other social networks irrelevant for sharing

Love for all things Quirky!

How many times have you been asked about unique and funky products you’ve kept in your house or the products you carry along when you step out? Many times! Isn’t it? We all love buying things that are fun and cool to look at, and make us happy with their presence in our lives 🙂

Bubble Soccer- A fun sport!

How many soccer lovers do we have here? I don’t play soccer and never actually tried playing but I love cheering up my friends when they are playing it. I recently came to know about Bubble soccer while searching for soccer videos online and I instantly fell in love with it. I am sure many

My StyleWe Fashion Wishlist

Sometimes I wonder how bad life was without the presence of internet, we didn’t have choices and had to depend on shops and boutiques in the town to get fashionable clothes. Thanks to the savior-internet service providers, we can order products with a snap of finger from around the world that gets delivered at our

Smokey Grey Eyes with Pink Lips – A Look You Must Try!

Smokey eye makeup is one of the most makeup application styles that girls use for night parties, and special events. Nowadays, you see a lot of color combination of smokey eyes and lips.   Here, I will be explaining you the whole procedure of attaining grey smokey eyes and pink lips in a simple step
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