Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

Over the years I’ve seen my fellow bloggers raving about “SIMPLE” and swearing by their products. Thus, I couldn’t contain my happiness when I got to know that UK’s top skincare brand SIMPLE is finally available on Nykaa. I recently visited Nykaa’s Jaipur Store which got newly opened on MI Road. There was a shelf of Simple products and I picked some of them without giving a second thought. Today, I’m reviewing Simple Kind To Skin Moisturizing Facial Wash which I’ve been using for over a week now.

Let’s discuss it in detail 🙂 –

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

Price- INR 325/- for 150 ml

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

About- This moisturising, 100% soap-free face wash gently washes away make-up and impurities, leaving sensitive skin feeling hydrated, soft and replenished.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

Packaging- It comes housed in a white colored inverted tube with green flip cap. The tube is simple looking yet looks so good . Next, the tube has got matte finish. Complete product details have been mentioned on back of the tube. Many of you may not find it travel friendly as it would take up a lot of space in bag because it’s a 150 ml sized product.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

Fragrance- Simple Moisturising Facial Wash has absolutely no fragrance. Thus, it makes a good choice for those who can’t bear artificially scented products 🙂 .

Texture- Gel-like consistency.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

My Experience-  I have been using it for quite sometime now, 2 times a day specifically. This facewash helps wash dirt off my face. It’s soap free, if you prefer good lather you need to squeeze out a little more of it than your regular facial wash. It can help you get rid of basic makeup, but will fail to work on heavy duty waterproof makeup. The facewash claims to be moisturising, Yes! it doesn’t dry out my skin but I can’t notice the effects of moisture on my dry skin either. I do need to slather on moisturizer on my skin post wash.

The best thing about Simple Moisturising Facial Wash is that their products are free from parabens, alcohol, harsh chemicals, fragrance. Thus, they go kind and gentle on the skin. Probably that is the reason why they are preferred over other drugstore brands in the UK.

Things I like about this-

  • Soap free.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Paraben-free.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial fragrance.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Cleanse skin well.
  • Didn’t cause skin irritation.

Things I dislike about this-

  • Doesn’t really moisturise super dry skin.

Ratings- 3.5/5

Wrapping it up- To summarize, Simple Moisturising Facial Wash is just like any other face wash. The major difference lies in it being free from harsh chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrance. It takes off the dirt effectively, you just need a little more of it than your regular wash to work out good lather. It doesn’t moisturise my dry skin. Most important, go ahead and give it a try if you are impressed with the NO HARSH CHEMICALS tag 🙂 .