Kaya Youth O2 Range

Hello beautiful ladies! We all know that oxygen is important for living (an obvious thing!), but a lesser known fact is its implication and importance for facial skin. With time, Oxygen levels in your skin drops significantly and skin becomes dull, patchy, and uneven and develops dark spots. Our very own Marico has come up with a new range of product for #SkinPranayam called “KAYA YOUTH O2 Oxy Infusion” which comes with micro-circulation complex that enhances the supply of oxygen to your skin.

This range consists of 4 products i.e. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Day Cream, Face Wash, Face Wipes and Micellar Water. I have tried all 4 of these products and I’m jotting down my review on them all below 🙂 , scroll away! –

Kaya Youth O2 Range

Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Wash-

Kaya Youth O2 Face Wash

Ratings- 3/5

It comes in 2 sizes- 50 gm and 100 gm and retails for INR 99/- and INR 199/- respectively. Comes in a soft tube with flip cap, safe to carry around. Since it’s a white foamy product it lathers up quickly on wet skin, I’m using it daily on face and neck 2 times a day. It takes off dirt and grime from the skin effectively and washes off easily without leaving any residue. My skin type is very dry and I find it slightly drying on me. I believe normal and oily skinned people will like it more.

Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Day Cream-

Kaya Youth O2 Day Cream

Ratings- 2.5/5

This day cream again comes in 2 sizes- 20 gm and 50 gm for INR 149/- and INR 399/- respectively. I have the 20 gm pack, comes housed in a tube with screw lid and smells pretty good. Tiny tubes like this are perfect for traveling. I am using it after washing face but again the formula isn’t apt for my very dry skin type. It nourishes my skin but my desert-like skin drinks it up all and I end up applying a lot of this cream. Good thing is that there was no skin-irritation/tingling sensation on applying this. For this also I’ll say, that it would be liked by normal and oily skinned people.

Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Wipes-

Kaya Youth O2 face wipes

Ratings- 4/5

These wipes come in one sized packet only and contains 30 wet wipes, retails for INR 199/-. They came up with this perfect partner for facial care while on-the-go to provide us a quick and mess-free alternative to face cleaning. Takes off dirt from the skin without facewash and water within seconds. Has a lovely mild fragrance, nothing overpowering. It would be more easy to carry these if only they had these facial wipes available in smaller packs too.

Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Micellar Water-

Kaya Youth O2 Micellar Water

Ratings- 4.2/5

This one retails for INR 199/- and you get 100 ml of product. Comes with a pump dispenser and is secured with a cap on top. Since, every other brand is coming up with their own version of Micellar waters, I was super excited to give this one a try. It smells chemical sort of, works wonderful as a makeup remover, takes off every bit of your makeup be it regular or waterproof.

Micellar waters are meant to ease our lives, one can get rid of makeup and impurities by wiping it off with the micellar water without the need of a facewash/rinse. Kaya youth Oxy-infusion micellar water gives a bit of sticky feel once I remove my makeup and I have to rinse it off at the end. I like it very much as it quickly melts makeup but it feels a bit sticky in particular.

Here’s how I found the Kaya Youth O2 Oxy-Infusion range, I hope my review helps. If you would like to buy these products, you can find them on Nykaa, Amazon,Flipkart and local beauty stores 🙂 .