Customised Handmade Bags India

We all love Personalized stuff, don’t we? While the world is going gaga over customized products, how about having a handmade+customized bag? I recently came across the Instagram page of Carlin who runs a small business of versatile handmade bags from home. Her bags are available under the label of SC quilted bags. Currently they are taking orders through IG and FB.

About the Founder- Carlin Ferrao is a graduate from Goa college of Home Science, she moved to Mumbai to pursue Diploma in fashion designing. She worked for Ritu kumar, Adarsh Gill and more to gain knowledge in the field of merchandising, retail and store management before starting her own venture of handmade bags.

I hope all women would agree to the fact that we carry our world inside our bags. SC quilted bags has got several kinds of bag styles to choose from including totes, luggage bags, clutches, pouches and more. I got a pouch customized from her as I love hoarding funky pouches to organize my bag perfectly so, here’s what it looks like 🙂 –

Isn’t this quilted bag so awesome? I loved the banana print, summer vibes all over. I wasn’t sure how the customized patch would look like on the pouch, but it was beyond my expectations. The embroidery well-matched my pouch’s print and I so love it for that. I asked Carlin to add the Key-shaped zip runner and she made sure I get that.

To help me sort my things, there are 3 tiny pockets inside this pouch. It’s spacious enough to carry a lot of my stuff, it’s larger than my standard sized makeup pouches. I could literally carry a top and snacks inside it once for a sleepover at friend’s place. I’m impressed with the quality of pouch, and I look forward to try more stuff from her collection.

Hope you liked this post, see you soon again with a new post. 🙂