The body shop wild argan oil rough scrub

Ah, Body Scrubs! The pleasure of having a good bath is beyond words. Our face needs regular scrubbing, similarly our body needs it too. It’s really important to incorporate body scrubs in our day-to-day bathing ritual. It helps in deep cleaning the skin, takes out the dead skin, opens the pores and makes it look clean and fresh. A perfect way to unwind from the stress. I recently picked up The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub, today I’m reviewing that only, here’s what I feel about it 😊 –

Price- INR 1195 for 250 ml. 

About- Our Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub contains Community Fair Trade argan oil. Our precious argan nuts are sourced from the remote Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are hand-picked, hand-cracked and slowly pressed for the purest, most radiant Community Fair Trade argan oil. With a warm, exotic scent our non-drying argan oil formula, luxuriously cleanses and softens the skin with each use.

Packaging- To begin with, The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Scrub comes in a round plastic tub jar with a screw lid. Though I have not taken it while traveling but looks quite sturdy. Once you open the tub, you can instantly smell the fragrance of the scrub.

Fragrance- The fragrance of Wild Argan Oil Rough scrub is nutty and refreshing. It’s neither floral nor fruity. The fragrance is not over the top but you can definitely smell the nuttiness of it. If you are sensitive to smell, you should smell first in the store and then only buy.

Texture- The texture of Argan oil scrub is gel based with coarse salt granules. Since it’s a scrub you will feel the scrub beads while using. It’s not very harsh on the skin but definitely helps in taking out the dead skin.  

My Experience- After using The Body Shop Argan Oil Rough Scrub on the body, when you rinse it off you can instantly see the difference. Your skin will feel so soft and it will leave a beautiful sheen on the skin. The scrub works really well and takes off all the dead skin. In fact, it works like a charm and I absolutely loved it. The fragrance is amazing and lingers on you for a while. Loved the packaging as it is sturdy and looks attractive. The only drawback is that it is unhygienic to use as you have to put your fingers in. Overall, I loved the whole experience of having a spa kind of feel at home. It’s relaxing and what can be better than having a wonderful hot water bath in Winter? LOVED IT. 

Things I like about this-

  • Works amazing and leaves your skin super soft.
  • Takes off the dead skin.
  • Smells amazing.
  • The fragrance lingers for a while.

Things I dislike about this-

  • Packaging is bit unhygienic but if you take a small amount beforehand it’s sorted.

Wrapping it up- To summarize, The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub is love. I enjoy using this scrub every now and then. Smells fantastic, works really great on my skin. Not only does it take off the dead skin but also leaves it soft and moisturized. Definitely worth a try.