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Thank You so much for visiting my blog. I am VISHAKHA “The Reviewwali” based in Pink city, Rajasthan.

ReviewwaliWriting has been my hobby since I was in my teenage. If I talk about 2 years back , I wasn’t too much inclined towards makeup and beauty stuff, and always thought it to be done on special occasions only, and that too by a professional. Nowadays, I am totally inclined towards this amazing thing called “MAKEUP”.

I do buy a lot of makeup stuff every month and love to experiment with it. Now Makeup has become an essential part of my life. I love Shopping and I don’t hesitate to try out New Brands. I am a big time “FOOD LOVER”, and when it comes to delicacies, I can’t resist my Taste buds to enjoy the Street Food even.

With this blog I would like to express my views on things what I experience in my life.My Blog posts will include reviews about ” Products,food,movies,travel and shopping”. I would like to share my experiences with you people and It would be a pleasure to hear back from you.

Vishakha ( Founder & Editor )