winkies english cake review

I have confessed my love for food a lot of times and guess what? It’s time for a food post yet again 😛 YAY!! My last post was on Winkies Centre Filled Vanilla Muffin and today I am back with the review of one more delicious thing from their wonderful product range. Today, I am reviewing Winkies English Tea Cake; keep reading to know more on it 🙂 –ReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake001Price- INR 75/- for 250 gmReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake003About- Have your tea the way the English do. With a slice or two of soft, moist, golden tea cake. Now, that is tea-time heaven.ReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake002Ingredients- Eggs, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Edible/Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils, Butter, Humectants (422,420), Emulsifiers (471, 491, 1520), Raising Agent [500 (ii)], Edible Common Salt, Class II Preservative (200), Acidity Regulator (330), Stabilizer (415). Contains Permitted Flavour(s) [Artificial Flavouring Substances (Vanilla)]. Hydrogenated Vegetable fat used – contains trans fats.ReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake004My Take on Winkies English Tea Cake- English tea cakes are basically classic light weighted sponge cakes baked until golden brown which taste wonderful with a cup of tea and coffee as they are a great companion to these beverages. It was Winkies that made me savour the classic taste without moving my bum to some tea room, oh how lucky I feel 😛 !ReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake005I tell you one thing about this cake forthrightly!!!! I justttt loveeeee itttt beyond words can ever describe 😀 (yes that’s how much I love it) 🙂 . It comes packed in cardboard packaging, it has a red non vegetarian food label under which “Contains egg only” is written. As you will open the box, you will see the Winkies English Tea Cake wrapped in Winkies plastic wrap. It doesn’t come sliced; you are supposed to slice it your way (I make sure I cut the slices in a size which allows me to savour them to the fullest). You don’t need to worry about arranging knife to slice it up as a plastic knife is provided inside the pack to make things easy for you.ReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake006They are soft, moist and not sweetened much which makes them just the right partner for my coffee time. They are baked golden brown, the upper layer is kinda brown but from inside it’s on the yellower side. Winkies English Tea Cake has rich buttery taste which is a great effort to make one’s tea/coffee-time heaven. No cake has tasted this good to me ever before. If you aren’t someone who would prefer these with tea or coffee, you can have them alone. This is definitely the best I have tried from Winkies so far. You can’t dare to miss these at any cost, if you find these anywhere make sure you pick atleast one pack of it. You’ll thank me later 😉 .ReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake007ReviewwaliWinkiesEnglishTeaCake008

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