winkies centre filled chocolate muffin

It’s time for a food post again! People eat to live, I live to eat 😉 Oops! What I’ve just confessed? 😛 I love being carefree, and I love having everything that fancies me. I have a great liking for sweet tasting foods and muffins top the list! They are small dose of happiness and yumminess for me. During my visit to grocery store, I saw these packets of muffins lying in the shelves out there and couldn’t resist picked these, keep reading to know how I found these Centre-filled Chocolate muffins from Winkies 🙂 –ReviewwaliWinkiesChocolateMuffin001Price- INR 10/-ReviewwaliWinkiesChocolateMuffin002About- Think of a soft, delicious chocolate muffin. Take a bite, and the smooth vanilla cream fills your mouth. Now think of paradise.

Ingredients- Sugar, Wheat Flour, Edible/Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils, Eggs, Water, Liquid Glucose, Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Humectants (422,420), Emulsifiers (471, 491, 1520), Raising Agent [500 (ii)] & Baking Powder, Edible Common Salt, Class II Preservative (200), Acidity Regulator (330). Contains Permitted Natural Colour(s) (150d) and Added Flavour(s) [Artificial Flavouring Substances (Vanilla and Butter)]. Hydrogenated vegetable fat used – contains trans fats.ReviewwaliWinkiesChocolateMuffin003My Take on Winkies Centre Filled Chocolate Muffin- There are numbers of muffins available in market, but what caught my eye was its name and of course the representative picture 😉 . These come in small sized packets of 40 gms priced at INR 10/- each. which go easy as feather on pocket and doesn’t burn a hole. The size of each packet is small enough to be carried in handbag as I step outside, and comes handy when I feel the need of munching something. The ingredients and nutritional information is provided on the back of the packet, this one has the red food mark under which “eggs-only” is written.ReviewwaliWinkiesChocolateMuffin004ReviewwaliWinkiesChocolateMuffin005As you’ll open the pack, you’ll see it comes placed in a plastic tray which helps in keeping its shape maintained. Inside lies the mouth-watering chocolate muffin with paper cup. A whiff and I am completely lost in its fragrance. Take a bite and you will get to taste the vanilla cream surrounded by chocolate cake in its best way possible. “Centre-filled” I mean wow! Is that possible for a muffin to be centre-filled? I never imagined it that way 😛 , thanks to Winkies for introducing such an innovative product. The muffin breaks easily with a slight biting motion as they are extremely soft in nature. You can always keep them at home, in your handbag, in your office drawer 😛 and munch on whenever you crave for sweet food 🙂 .ReviewwaliWinkiesChocolateMuffin006ReviewwaliWinkiesChocolateMuffin007They are the right dose of chocolate and sweetness for me. Have you tried these?? Pick some, and I am sure you’ll keep re-stocking them all your life 🙂 .

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