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Beautiful décor is an integral part of a beautiful home. And what plays a major role in your décor is your furniture. The lavish sofa set, the beautiful center table, the classic rack neatly tucked on the wall – it all multiplies the beauty of what you call “home”. In today’s era where we keep on switching our jobs for growth and learnings, stability at one place doesn’t go along. We keep moving, and we keep shifting.

In such a case carrying all that beautiful furniture along becomes a burden too. Yes. Movers and Packers might be of help, but ultimately you need to get involved. Also, there remains no guarantee of your furniture not getting damaged. Lately, I found something which would save me a lot of this hustle and bustle. That’s the concept of renting furniture. And why not! It’s a cool idea to get new furniture at a new place without spending a bomb! allows you do that conveniently and effectively.

Following are the reasons why is it smarter to hire furniture rather than buying one.

1. EMI, What’s That? – With rented furniture and other home appliances like refrigerators and microwaves, you need not bother about EMIs. With costs touching skies, this seems to be a blessing.

2. New Trends, New Furniture- With new trends getting set every day, you wish to update your interiors quite frequently. That doesn’t seem to be practically possible when you buy your fancy furniture, that too at exorbitant prices. By the time you are done clearing all its EMIs, it’s old already! So get your latest fashioned furniture on rent today.

3. Relocation, No Big Deal- As I said earlier, relocating to a new place becomes a troublesome deal. Renting furniture allows you to leave the furniture there itself giving you scope of getting new furniture at a new place. Also if you want to take the furniture along, it is taken care of.

4. Repairs Done Easily- How often do you need to get your furniture repaired or maintained? Minimum cleaning is definitely required if nothing else. The frequency becomes high with little ones at home. Getting your furniture cleaned becomes a fuss-free affair when you rent furniture.

5. Replacement is Easy- Remember Ross (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) buying a sofa that he could not even use! Save yourself from falling in such a situation. Any furniture which you think is not coming out as you thought it would, can be easily replaced! It gives you so much scope of “hit and trial” for real!

 6. No Resale Issue- The resale of one’s furniture becomes difficult and practically worthless as years wear and tear it down. You face a myriad of troubles such as finding a good buyer, a decent resale value, etc. In such situations, you wish you had rented the furniture instead of buying. When furniture is rented, you need not bother about the resale issues.

You may not “own” rented furniture, but it is the best and most stress-free way to have a great home with no strings attached. Say goodbye to the hassles of buying and try renting furniture as well as many home appliances and even bikes with Rentomojo. This one smart act can save you from many problems.

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