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Some girls look forward to this day from the early childhood, and, as they grow, they keep dreaming and daydreaming about it until finally the big day arrives. These are the girls that are going to think about everything in advance and make detailed plans and checklists in order to have everything under control. On the other hand, there are those who can easily have a panic attack unless their friend is always by their side. Even when you spend countless hours organizing everything, it can happen that something goes wrong, but in that case – you should be prepared.

Sewing kit- Pick a small sewing kit that has black, white, and clear thread, and make sure there’s an extra one that matches the maids’ outfits.  Small scissors, a few buttons and hooks and you will be ready to face practically anything – a hem and a strap that are too long, buttons that fall out, ripped dresses, and hooks and eyes that come apart.sewing-thread-949155_640

Super glue- Broken heels have nothing on you if you have super glue in your emergency kit. Damaged centerpieces, broken nails, etc. are all powerless before mighty super glue, so keep a small tube of it close.

Pins- Hair pins in black, and light and dark brown are a must – even the most voluminous and glowing hair needs some support. Dress trouble and even damaged corsages can be taken care of within minutes with safety pins.sewing-661992_640

Tissues and handkerchiefs- Nobody can deny that weddings are emotional, and even if you have your favorite waterproof mascara on, you will still face the dread of having to wipe away tears with your fingers. No matter if it’s you or one of the bridesmaids who is the emotional one, have tissues at hand.

A robe- Walking around in your wedding dress will make you look like a princess, but it will also allow you to ruin the prefect dress with makeup or nail polish. Wear your bridal robe while getting your hair and makeup done and wrap it around your wedding dress before you go out; it will save your hairstyle and won’t smear your makeup all over.


Snacks- For the bride who has most certainly forgot to eat, and also for flower girls and ring bearers who should eat more often, having some dried fruit and nuts around can save the day. Don’t choose chocolate or you risk getting it on your dress, and avoid really crumbly things (you don’t want those on your dress either).

Tampons- Perhaps you and your friends will not be due for a few days or weeks, but all the stress and excitement can make you come too early. Have a few tampons stashed in your purse, they will be lifesavers if need be.

If you keep these in a large bag by your side, you can be sure that you will come out as a winner no matter what goes awry. By being well-prepared, you will avoid stress and panic attack, and you can be assured that everything on your wedding day will go well.

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