Offline shopping and the joy of bargaining has still not lost its charm, but let’s admit that there’s nothing as comforting as online shopping. Ab Zamana jo online wala aa gaya hai 😛  Better options, better discounts!  Online shopping platforms offering best deals on number of products are highly preferred over conventional shopping style. There is this new shopping site called “Qtrove” which I recently shopped with. There’s something very unique about this website and I am going to write my overall shopping experience along with basic details about their site. Keep reading to know more 🙂About- Qtrove is a curated marketplace that exhibits and sells non-mass produced items from small entrepreneurs across the country. These products are natural, sustainable, not easily available elsewhere, enhance the well-being and social currency of today’s discerning consumer. Qtrove achieves it through its stellar network of partner sellers.My Take- Qtrove believes in curating the best for their customers as we usually get perplexed when lots of things are placed in front of our eyes. The products their website showcases are those that are sold by small entrepreneurs who strive to deliver the best quality at a reasonable price. Their website is easy to access and the navigation is simple, there are category tabs on the top of the page. There is a tab named “Offer Zone” on the extreme left of the menu bar, under which you’ll find the best deals as “on sale” products are listed under it.  From human food to pet food, from clothes to decor, fashion accessories to skincare, Qtrove has it all ! There is a “Chat with us” option to help you connect with their team in case there’s any query. The way the product pictures are taken, you are sure to be lured to add them to your cart and checkout. You may feel why I am raving about their product picture-quality, but you’ll understand it only after having a look at their website. I was extremely confused about what to pick from Qtrove, I literally wanted 90% of the things they have put on their site 😀 .

Here’s what I finally picked after spending few hours on their website 😛 –
1. Rustic Art Herbal Shampoo
2. Rustic Art Lemon Face Wash
3. Rustic Art Aloe ShampooRustic Art is a brand I have seen my fellow bloggers raving about, so when I saw this brand on Qtrove I was elated 🙂 . I am battling with hair fall issues so I thought to give a try to these herbal shampoos Rustic Art makes. Do you need a solid reason to pick face wash? No! Right? 😀 I also picked it for no reason. I wanted to experience products from this brand since long and I ended up picking these 3 . 🙂 I placed my order at night, and it was shipped from their end the very next day. The order was at my doorstep on the 3rd day of shipment 🙂 . It came nicely packed and there was no damage at all. Overall, I had a great experience shopping with Qtrove. I look forward to shopping more in future as few things listed there are not available here in Jaipur at least. Next time I am definitely trying something from their Food and Beverages section, it can make you drool in no time 😀 .

Have you heard of Qtrove? Wouldn’t you like to try out a website that sells unique items that aren’t easily available on other platforms? Check their website for more 🙂

Disclaimer- I was provided a shopping voucher to shop with but this is an unbiased review.