vlcc mulberry and rose face wash

Hello lovely people! Hope you are doing fine. 🙂 Today I am gonna review VLCC Mulberry and rose fairness face wash that I have recently been using, read on to know how I found it-  ReviewwaliVLCCMulberry001Price- INR 150/- for 150mlReviewwaliVLCCMulberry002About- This gentle effective cleanser is a powerful fairness & anti-pigmentation formula which combines the benefits of Mulberry and Rose. Rose’s astringency content helps fade pigmentation marks while. Mulberry’s arbutin inhibits melanin synthesis thus preventing pigmentation. The added antioxidant properties of lemon and orange gives you a radiant glowing & brighter complexion on successive face washes.ReviewwaliVLCCMulberry003My take on VLCC mulberry and rose fairness face wash- I got this one from supermarket and it was on Buy One Get One offer (which lured me) 😛 , I love eating mulberries for their oh-so-yummy taste, but this is probably the first product I am using with mulberry in it as an ingredient. The face wash comes in a big sized plastic see-through tube with light-pinkish product inside; it has a flip cap which shuts tightly. The consistency is very runny which I don’t like because when I am taking it out it just comes out on its own without squeezing and it results in getting more than required product on my palm. ReviewwaliVLCCMulberry004This face wash doesn’t create good lather with pea-sized quantity, and thus you’ll be needing lots of it to do the face cleaning job (I think that’s why it’s being sold with BOGO offer :P) I didn’t find the fragrance pleasing, I have tried many products with citrusy fragrance and found them pleasing, but this one was an exception. When I wash my face with it, I have to splash more and more water to clean it off, but even after that it gives me a soapy feeling which then goes away only after few more splashes. I already have fair skin, so couldn’t notice anything about improving complexion but I must say it gives me a better looking skin with every wash. I don’t have any blemish as such which I am trying to clear off, so I can’t comment if this one would do the job for you or not. Here’s a swatch of this face-wash, hope that simplifies the consistency-ReviewwaliVLCCMulberry005What I like about VLCC mulberry and rose fairness face wash-

  1. Nice packaging
  2. Flip cap shuts properly
  3. Cleanse face effectively
  4. Gives better looking skin after face wash
  5. Quantity justifies the price

What I don’t like about VLCC mulberry and rose fairness face wash-

  1. Soapy feeling after facewash
  2. Not so good fragrance
  3. Doesn’t improve complexion
  4. Contains parabens

Have you used this face wash from VLCC? What’s your say on it ? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂