vaadi herbals elbow foot knee scrub

We use scrubs to exfoliate our facial skin and neck so as to clear out the dead cells, but some of us don’t care about the other body parts. We believe in buying high end products for facial skin for keeping our face clean and spotless, and skip the thought that our feet, elbow and knee also need an expert to take care of them.

One fine day I was browsing on an online shopping store and this product caught my eye, not the product I suppose It was the Product name that gathered my attention to it.IMG_0512


Price – INR 28/- for 75gms

About – A specialized scrub soap, with Almond and Walnut Scrubs, which clears out dead skin cells from your Elbows, Knees & Foot making them softer, cleaner and fairer. Also removes dark spots and pigmentation from affected areas.”Pedicure at Home”

Active Ingredients

  • Almond Scrubs
  • Walnut Scrubs
  • Aloe VeraIMG_0515

Directions for use – Gently rub the soap on your feet, knees and elbows in slow circular motion. Let the scrubs remove the dead cells and dirt. Rinse off with water.

My Take on Vaadi Herbals Elbow-Foot-Knee Scrub Soap –

The herbal skincare bug has bitten me recently 😀 & I am busy collecting herbal products to take better care of my skin. And that’s the reason why I recently bought few soaps from Vaadi herbals. This is my first ever Scrub Soap, and I was too excited to try it. The soap comes in a very simple packaging, has a bit grey-ish color and looks ordinary but don’t get deceived by the outer appearance, it has got amazing capabilities to shoo away the dead skin and bring freshness and clear glow to the areas where we have rough skin, though I totally dislike the fragrance as it reminds me of a very popular detergent 😀 .  This scrub soap is good for daily usage and it is very effective in cleaning dirt and dead skin cells, It is like having pedicure daily and saving a lot on parlour visits for the purpose of getting pedicure.IMG_0506

What I like about Vaadi Herbals Elbow-Foot-Knee Scrub Soap –

  1. Super-affordable (Comes at a throw away price)
  2. Lasts long.
  3. Lathers well.
  4. Cleans Dirt quickly.
  5. Exfoliates properly & remove dead cells easily.
  6. A soap from Herbal brand.
  7. Good for daily cleaning.

What I don’t like about Vaadi Herbals Elbow-Foot-Knee Scrub Soap –

  1. Fragrance (I don’t find it pleasing, smells a bit like detergent to me)
  2. Meant for rough areas like Feet, knees and elbows only.

Have you tried this scrub soap from Vaadi Herbals? What experience you had ? Do share I would love to know. 😀