eye shadow and lips

It’s festival time already! I am sure all you girls might have grabbed the “heavy discount” opportunity offered by most of the shopping sites. Dresses, accessories, makeup and so much more! For we girls, festivals come with ok more opportunity to get decked up in our ethnic attires. A beautiful attire with a perfectly done make-up gives you app reasons to make this world your ramp. But what if the makeup you spent an hour (and a lot of currency) on doesn’t stay for long? Here’s a quick post on few tips you might need handy the next time you put your makeup on so that it stays for long 🙂 .
Ice Ice Baby- Ice may do wonders not just in your favorite poison but your makeup too! Gently rub a cube of ice all over your face and neck. Let it dry on it own. Do not wipe off. This keeps your skin pores closed. This makes sure that your skin doesn’t secrete oil or sweat after you’re done with your makeup. This is more beneficial if you’ve got an oily skin or if it’s Summers.The Primers- Ok girl. There’s a reason why they’re named so. Primers are meant to be the primary thing to wear when you wish to wear makeup. Primers give a base (like a canvas) to paint. Get a primer matching your skin tone and apply with a brush evenly on your face. This not only help you keep your makeup stay for long, but also gives a clean look to your makeup.Get Wet- This is simple and works wonders. Instead of using your makeup sponge or pouf as it is, wet it with some water before use. It evenly spreads your compact and helps it stay for long!So, these were a few tips you can use this festive season and never bother of your makeup bleeding. Try them and tell us if they worked for you in the comments section below 🙂 .