the body shop strawberry body butter

There was a time when I used to consider The Body Shop products high-priced owing to the fact I never gave them a try. Ever since I started using them, my opinions have thoroughly changed. Of course, not all their products fare well, but yes there have been some that performed way higher than my expectations. Today’s review is on The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, without any further ado let’s jump up to the review 🙂 –Price- INR 1095/- for 200 ml About- This rich and creamy softening Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains Community Trade shea butter and has a sweet strawberry scent.
-Body butter
-Nourishes skin
-For dry skin
-Skin is left feeling softer & more supple
-Easily absorbed
-Sweet strawberry scent
-Cold-pressed strawberry seed oilIngredients- My Take on The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter- Before I go ahead, Let me admit that my skin survived on only TBS body butters this winter, I have a habit of buying more than required products and some of them expire even without being opened. I didn’t want that to happen with these amazing butters and I made sure I finish these off before I pick any other body moisturizer. Brazil nut and Satsuma Body butter have already been reviewed 🙂 .

Coming back to the review, The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter comes housed in a flat plastic tub and contains 200 ml of product. The Body Shop body butters come in color-coded packaging as per the base variant. The way this body butter smells can actually enliven your senses and is sure to gladden you if you love strawberries. This one is basically made to suit normal skin tone, so oily skinned people might not like the rich moisture it provides to skin. My skin type is dry and I need heavy duty moisturizer to keep my skin nourished and prevent it from drying out especially during winters. I massage it on my skin right after bath on slightly damp skin to let it spread easily and lock-in the moisture. It’s thick, but it gets into skin perfectly. The consistency is on the thicker side already, and during winters it kinda solidifies. It keeps my skin moisturized for all day long, it’s not like those light body moisturizers that you need to keep re-applying after every few hours, I use it one time a day right after the shower and I don’t need to re-apply it for the whole day.I don’t see myself using this body butter for Rajasthan summers, as I need a light airy moisturizer during the hot weather. As you can see, I am soon to run out it but I am not picking it for atleast coming 7-8 months, for winter skincare it’s a boon for my skin. The fragrance lingers on my skin for like 3-4 hours easily. I couldn’t find any bad about this product apart from the price (which is huuuuuge) , but the way it performs and gives life to the dull and dry skin, it totally justifies the price tag for me. Closer look-I am sure many of you would be staying away from buying it considering the price point, but TBS keeps coming up with promotions every now and then so maybe you can pick their products during that time to let your pocket hurt a little less 😛 . For best results follow it up with TBS Strawberry Body Mist 🙂 . Hope you liked my review, have a great day ahead!

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