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olay cream for night natural white
Beauty Face Products

Olay Natural White All-in-One Fairness Night Skin Cream- Review

If you are going to bed without applying a night cream, you are doing something wrong. As they say, “CTM” should be an important part of your everyday skincare regime. It’s utmost important to remove your makeup and follow the process of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. During all these years, I have been using any …

olay 2 in 1 butter bodywash
Bath and Body Beauty

OLAY 2 in 1 Advanced Ribbons Firming butter bodywash- Price and Review

Hello beautiful ladies! I prefer body wash/shower gels over soaps any day, and I like to try out new ones no matter my current one is running out or not. I keep a minimum of 2 shower gels in my bathroom so that I can switch them according to my mood. I have a perception …