soulflower watermelon bath salt

Ever since I have started loving skincare products I have got a very strong inclination towards trying out different things. Bath-salts are well known for their benefits So I recently made a purchase of 2 bath-salts from Soulflower, the Lavender one has already been reviewed on the blog here. I am done testing the other variant, read on to know more about it-


Price- INR 350/- for 500gms

Ingredients- Passion fruit & Watermelon extract, Thai herbs, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Epsom Salt, Sea salts, Permitted Colourings.

About- A mouth-watering blend of Watermelon & Passion fruit gives you a mind uplifting & skin softening treatment. Great for use after a long day in the hot sun as it removes tiredness & fatigue. Great choice for fruit lovers!


How to use-
1. For manicure and pedicure: Add half to one capful of Passionate Watermelon Aroma Bath Salt in a bowl of water and dip your feet or hands in it
2. For a complete bath: Add just 2 capfuls of Passionate Watermelon Aroma Bath Salt in your warm bath for a well-balanced nutrition & moisture for the skin.
3. For Muscle relaxation: Dip a towel in a tub of bath salts & hot water & place over aching muscle.

My Take on Soulflower Passionate Watermelon Ocean Mineral Bath Salt –

I was equally excited about it as I was while trying out the Lavender bath salt from Soulflower. The product comes in a carton box, and the bottle lies inside it beautifully packed with luxurious neck wrap which is tied well with a thread with a cute pink flower sticked to it. I am a summer person, and a big watermelon lover thus got little disappointed as the product didn’t actually smell of watermelon, it’s way too fruity and the fragrance of watermelon fruit was there but not like some outburst which I disliked a bit, I mean if we are opting for some variant we expect it to smell the same way, right?


Two capfuls of it are good enough for a regular bucket size, take bath with it once the granules dissolve properly (Make sure the water is not cold, as it may take time and efforts for dissolution). Everytime I use it my bathroom gets filled with the aroma of it even after few hours of taking shower; though on body the fragrance doesn’t linger for long. It didn’t provide any moisture to my dry-skin but didn’t dry it out also. 🙂

Bath-salt works well on providing relief to those suffering from muscular pain, but I didn’t try this one on muscular pain, so can’t comment on that.

You can take a closer look of the granules here-



What I like about Soulflower Passionate Watermelon Ocean Mineral Bath Salt –

  1. Reasonably Priced.
  2. Very good at refreshing body and mind.
  3. Quantity is good enough for the price paid.
  4. Natural components.
  5. Spa-like experience.
  6. Can be used in multiple ways.

What I don’t like about Soulflower Passionate Watermelon Ocean Mineral Bath Salt –

  1. This one takes more time to dissolve.
  2. Smell is over-fruity (I didn’t like it much)
  3. Didn’t soften my skin as claimed.

I think bath-salts shall always be there in bathrooms, so that every time you come home tired you go and take a shower with them. 🙂

Have you tried out bath salts? Any favourites you have got? Do share in the comments below. 🙂