oriflame optimals white eye cream

A flawless skin is every girl’s secret desire. Blemishes, skin patches and above all DARK CIRCLES are a few of the major skin problems we girls face on daily basis (Night time, social networking time!). To deal with my dark circles I came across this product by Oriflame which is Optimals White Seeing Is Believing Eye Cream. This is one of the many Optimals White Products launched by Oriflame. Here’s how it fared 🙂 –Price-  It is priced at INR 649 for 15 ml (That hurts!)About- With skin-lightening complex, hydrating compounds and Caffeine active that helps improve microcirculation to reduce dark circles and de-puff.Reduced dark Circles.Diminished Puffiness.

My Take on Oriflame Optimals White Seeing is Believing Eye Cream- I practice bedtime skincare religiously! And yes that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. And for my quite visible dark circles, I use Optimals White Seeing Is Believing Eye Cream around my eyes (which includes my under eyes and the eyelids). I know you all will agree with me to the fact that fighting dark circles is not a day’s job. It needs patience, persistence and discipline (in following the daily routine) to succeed 🙁 .Optimals White Seeing Is Believing Eye Cream comes in 15 ml glass jar container with a screw lid. The light green color of the lid adds to the cuteness of the tiny container. The cream not only claims to fight the dark circles but also the under eye puffiness which adds many years to the age of your skin. The cream comes with skin-lightening complex, hydrating compounds, and Caffeine active that helps improve microcirculation to reduce dark circles and de-puff the under eye region. The antioxidant-rich cream fights all the factors which degrade your tender under eye region. These include environmental stress, lifestyle and work pressure. The cream contains SPF 15 which makes it usable even in daytime. The daytime use of the product protects your skin from harmful sun radiations.Cleanse and tone your skin and apply the cream on the affected area with the tips of your fingers in circular motion. Dab and rub till it merges with your skin and disappears. The cream feels light on your skin and does not leave heavy greasy marks to ruin your day.  Do not apply any makeup/ another cosmetic on the cream as it may minimize/ diminish its effect (Kajal and Mascara are acceptable though!). The cream is suitable for all skin types and can is used by all age groups. The unisex product works equally good on men’s skin too 🙂 .Ok, I agree the cream is way too heavy on our pocket. But the heavy discounts offered by Amazon and snapdeal prove out to be life savior 😛 . With these shopping websites, you can try this product for the price as low as 349 INR. The cream is potent hence you buy it once and you’re done for the next 4 months. The Cream worked effectively for my dark circles with its consistent use for a year (My dark circles weren’t stubborn though!). This product by Oriflame is not a value for money if bought at MRP (an honest opinion). But with the discounted rates the cream can be given a try 🙂 .

Share with us your effective ways of fighting dark circles in the comments section below. And how far would you recommend Oriflame Optimals White Seeing Is Believing Eye Cream to your friend?

Wish you a happy skin! 🙂