nivea Q10 firming body lotion

I know I have reviewed few Nivea body lotions on blog already, but let’s blame it on my skin which always craves for moisture for which I am on a lookout of new skincare products all the time. I have already reviewed Nivea Express Hydration, Argan nourish oil-in-lotion, Cocoa nourish oil-in-lotion; the review I am sharing here is solely based on my mommy’s experience, I am just putting it into words. Here we go 🙂 –ReviewwaliNiveaQ10Lotion001Price- INR 360/- for 400 mlReviewwaliNiveaQ10Lotion003About- The NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Lotion gives you a great skin feeling that makes your day:
-Improves your skin’s appearance
-Works to stimulate skin cell renewal
-Enhances skin firmness noticeably within two weeks
-Intensively moisturizes and strengthens the skin
-Leaves your skin feeling more energizedReviewwaliNiveaQ10Lotion002Q10 is a co-enzyme that is produced naturally in the body. It plays a key role in the cellular metabolism: it is the body’s natural ’fuel’ generator and is essential for energy production at cellular level. It helps convert fatty acids into valuable energy for all cellular processes. Skin cells need energy for protection against stress, for regeneration and repair, for cell division and for production of the extracellular matrix – for example collagen and elastin. Furthermore, Q10 acts as an anti-oxidant, protecting the cell against anti-oxidative stress and promoting its regeneration.

Ingredients-ReviewwaliNiveaQ10Lotion004Directions- Apply the Firming Body Lotion to your body and massage it gently into the skin. Use at least twice a day regularly.ReviewwaliNiveaQ10Lotion005My Take on Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion- It’s available in several sizes, but we picked up the biggest one available as it was a value pack. It comes in standard Nivea body lotion packaging. It is free of colorants and doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients. The smell is pleasant, nothing overpowering kind of. Despite of being big in size, this bottle is extremely travel-friendly as it has got pump lock mechanism which locks up the pump when twisted right or left to prevent spillage. It is milky white in color and has runny consistency. It gets absorbed into skin quickly with few efforts only and doesn’t leave an oily layer on skin surface. It feels light on skin which is also mentioned in the skin feeling indicator on the back of the bottle, but even then it manages to moisturize skin for around 6 hours. It wouldn’t be good for winters as we need something heavy or rich for those months to keep our skin healthy and radiant.ReviewwaliNiveaQ10Lotion006My mommy has been using this for around a month now and sadly she can’t notice any firmness in her skin, it’s just like it was before she started using this. There was no noticeable difference in skin’s appearance as claimed. For her, this product failed badly on its claims but then you can use it as a regular moisturising lotion. The price tag was pretty similar to other nivea body lotions, so it didn’t hurt her pocket much! 😛

Here’s a swatch-ReviewwaliNiveaQ10Lotion007Have you used this body lotion from Nivea? Which is your favourite Nivea body lotion? Do share with me in the comments below 🙂