maybelline electro pop dierce and tangy

Few months back Maybelline launched these Neon-lipbalms in the market, out of which I have already reviewed Pink Shock on the blog. Today’s review is on “Fierce and tangy” variant from Maybelline’s Electro pop range. Read on to know about it-ReviewwaliMaybellineFierceandtangy001Price- INR 135/-ReviewwaliMaybellineFierceandtangy003About- Give your lips an eye-catching neon twist with Maybelline New York’s Baby Lips Electro Lip Balms. Maybelline brings the ‘neon lip trend,’ spotted at New York and Paris Fall Fashion weeks to India by launching a range of bright, vibrant neon lip balms. Presenting the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro lip balm range, a collection of 4 electric lip balms – Fierce N Tangy, Berry Bomb, Oh Orange and Pink Shock, which moisturize lips while giving them a chic neon kick! Enriched with Maybelline New York’s exclusive Botanical Cell Repair Concentrate and a blend of effective ingredients like honey, Shea butter and collagen, these flavoured lip balms hydrate and soften lips and keep them smooth for up to 8 hours. Smear on these eye-catching, glossy, neon lips balms and create your own Neon & Electro Style Statement!ReviewwaliMaybellineFierceandtangy004My take on Baby Lips Electro “Fierce and tangy”- Like all other Baby Lips this one also comes in a twist up tube and has a transparent cap with brand and range’s name written on it. I love how the color of text on the cap depicts the actual shade that’s inside. This one looks yellow in color but happily it doesn’t impart yellow stain on my lips (light pink) and goes simply plain with a glossy sheen. This is the only shade from the range that’s not tinted, rest of them are! It has a very lemony fragrance which I liked a lot as I love anything and everything that’s citrusy.ReviewwaliMaybellineFierceandtangy006Coming to the texture, It’s very soft in nature, so don’t apply too much of force while swiping it over the lips or you might just break it. I love how smoothly it glides on my lips and adds a glossy shine to them. It doesn’t give me any waxy or sticky feeling post application. It stays for good 2 hours on lips and then fades away but the moisture it gives stays for another 1.5 hour, which doesn’t fulfill their 8 hour claim but is good enough for a lip-balm that comes with such price tag. ReviewwaliMaybellineFierceandtangy007What I like about Baby Lips Electro Pop “Fierce and tangy”-

  1. Budget Friendly
  2. Adorable Packaging
  3. Glides easily on lips
  4. Give glossy shine
  5. Moisturizes lips to a great extent
  6. Contains Vitamin E and Shea butter
  7. Amazing citrusy fragrance


What I dont like about Baby Lips Electro Pop “Fierce and tangy”-

  1. Non tinted
  2. Doesn’t stay on lips for 8 hours


Have you tried out any lip balm from Maybelline’s Electro Pop range? Do share with me in the comments below.