Hello Everyone! If you have been to small cities and villages then you must have seen people out there keep themselves involved in handicrafts work or something similar to earn their living. Those things are handed over to middlemen by them for which they are given money which is much lesser than what they (middlemen) sell them off at. People living at remote places don’t have good connectivity and access to market and thus they rely upon intermediaries to sell off what they make. Today I am going to introduce you to a free online marketplace called Ezebee that enables small business entrepreneur /group to open up their free online shop and sell online to a larger extent which they didn’t even dream of and make money online without any fee and commission, keep reading to know more-IMG_8372About- There are billions of people around the world without money or access to digital payment systems like bank accounts, credit cards or PayPal. Surprisingly, more people have access to the internet than to regular income or a bank account! Ezebee connects these people to online commerce and provides creative humans with a marketplace all over the world!

Here’s how it works-

IMG_8371With Ezebee you can see products, services, rentals and such other things, and guess what? with Ezebee you can create your free facebook shop too. Today, Ezebee is the largest growing community of entrepreneurs, creative vendors, bloggers and designers.IMG_8370

Reading what I have written above, you might be thinking that if you register on this you will have to pay hefty amount for signing up and creating your online store, so for that let me clarify it right here that if you sign up for the basic account you don’t need to pay anything but if you are opting for premium account with additional features you need to pay a small amount to have the access. All in all, Ezebee makes your online-selling experience easy by giving you the free online marketplace and free online shop.

Do share about Ezebee with people who want to grow their business and make their products/services available to a larger number of people. Have a great day 🙂 .