Since this is my first DIY post on my blog, I tried to keep it quick and simple for you all. My gang of girls can’t stay without painting their nails even on casual days, is that the same case with you?

Be it an occasion, a small family function, casual office or college days, nail paints are a must-wear; your nails are what makes your hands look good. Long nails can completely change the look of your hand, and most importantly when painted well.

“Ready-made toh har koi khareedta hai yaar”, I’ll tell you how to make it for yourself at your home with things that would be lying idle in your stash. 😉

MAKING NAIL PAINTS sounds so good, no? At first glance when you read it you may think that it would go through some hectic dealings but trust me it is a VERY EASY TO DO TASK.

Below is the list of things that you’ll need for making your own nail paint-

  1. A clear polish/ Transparent nail paint.
  2. A useless eye shadow.
  3. A paper funnel and
  4. A toothpick.diy1

Gather your things at a place and start up making one for yourself as you read this. 😀 For reference purpose I have added pictures below every step. So here we go-

Step-1: Start scraping your eye shadow with the help of toothpick.diy2

Step-2: Now take a clear polish and place a paper funnel on its opening. (I am using a non-branded clear polish here)diy3

Step-3: Take the eye shadow and start pouring it in the clear polish bottle with the help of funnel.diy4

Step-4: Shake it well…. So that no lumps of eye shadow are left.diy5

And VOILAAAAAAAAA!!! You are done! Apply it on your nails and get ready to rock. 😉

Hope you liked this easy-to-do trick. Have you tried this DIY before? If not, then try it and do let me know how you found it.

🙂 Stay tuned we have lot more DIY posts lined up. 🙂