kallos chandan ubtan facepack

Hi people! How are you doing? Watched any new movie? I’ve been reading/hearing good reviews about “NEERJA”, and I soooo want to watch it but my schedule doesn’t permit 🙁 .

Today, I am reviewing Kallos Chandan Ubtan Fairness Face Pack which I have been using for the past few days. Keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 –ReviewwaliKallosChandan001Price- INR 115/- for 100 gmReviewwaliKallosChandan003About- Kallos chandan ubtan is a continuation of grandma’s traditional beauty secret that combines the power of chandan powder, turmeric oil, lemon oil, mustard oil and glycerin. it gives you glowing and flawless facial skin. it helps to keep off skin problems and lightens skin tone. Best results are with the use of the ubtan with rose water.ReviewwaliKallosChandan004Ingredients-ReviewwaliKallosChandan002My Take on Kallos Chandan Ubtan Fairness Face Pack- It comes housed in a bright yellow colored plastic tub with a screw lid. I have dropped it several times and luckily it hasn’t damaged even a bit from anywhere. It didn’t come with any outer packaging like most of the products. I usually prefer face packs in tubes over tubs for hygienic reasons. The mouth of the tub came sealed with foil wrap to prevent spillage. Since, chandan is its base ingredient, it has woody fragrance. I am not sure if everyone will like the way it smells as people have their own choices. There is a sticker placed on the bottom of the tub that contains basic product information, usage instructions, ingredients, price and other details. It’s available in 2 sizes- 100 gm and 200 gm, I have the smaller pack 🙂 .ReviewwaliKallosChandan005It has thick consistency so you can apply it directly as it spreads easily but if you want it to be little thin, you can mix some rose water or regular water. On application, it gives me tingling sensation; but that doesn’t last long and settle within a minute or two. Like I said before, fragrance may not be liked by all as some may find it over-powering. It dries up completely within 7-8 minutes of application and it’s very easy to wash off. It gets cleared with few splashes of water and slight rubbing motions, and doesn’t leave any residue behind. It contains the goodness of Chandan powder, turmeric oil, lemon oil, mustard oil and glycerin and with every usage my skin looks fresh and healthy 🙂 .ReviewwaliKallosChandan006Downside is that it contains a lot of chemicals including parabens and triclosan 🙁 .

Here’s a swatch-ReviewwaliKallosChandan007

*PR Sample