innisfree cucumber face mask

Ah! Sheet masks have become so popular in the last few months/year that suddenly everyone is talking about them. From beauty bloggers to skin care experts, everyone is going gaga over them. If you are active on social media, you know the feeling! Sheet masks are fun to use and one of the ways to pamper your skin at home.

If you are a lazy bum like me, who doesn’t bother that much about their skin, sheet masks are your real friend. Innisfree is a Korean brand that has entered the Indian market with their wide range of products. Currently, their store is not in my city but you can try their exclusive stores in Delhi, Mumbai etc. Today, I am reviewing Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Cucumber; here’s how it fared- Price: 100 for 20 ml (1 Sheet Mask)

About- This triple-layer sheet has a long-lasting moisturizing effect so that the essence can gradually be absorbed into the skin. Cucumber contains effective ingredients that make your skin clear and vital with natural moisture.Packaging- This cucumber mask come in a neat packaging. Every sheet masks come with a bright picture of the particular ingredient which the mask is made up of. It looks pretty and cute. At the back of the mask, you can read all the information related to the product.

It has got details of the ingredients, how to use and the manufacturing and expiry date. The packaging is very travel-friendly. You can see the cut from where you have to tear the product.

Fragrance- Inside the packaging, you will see the cucumber mask nicely folded and is full of the serum/gel. When you open the package you will get a strong smell of cucumber. Every sheet mask has got the goodness of the ingredient from which is made up of. In this, it has got the properties of cucumber that helps in cooling your skin and makes it hydrated. How I use it?- I first cleansed my face using a face wash, currently, I am using the Tea Tree by The BodyShop, after that, I use a toner as suggested in the instructions and then had it on my face. It is nicely cut and you just need to put it on your face. Gently pat it on your face so that it gets stick properly.

This is the time to chill and relax. I prefer putting face masks and watch Netflix. This is such a feel-good time when you are relaxed and pampering your skin. I left the mask for about 15 mins.

Also, a bit of serum/gel/liquid is left in the package, that I used once I removed the mask. I generously apply it to my face and massage it down. Your skin absorbs everything. Once it’s down I washed my face with lukewarm water as suggested.

I really wanted to see whether it is really that hydrating as it claims so I didn’t use the night cream after that. Just a bit of lip balm and eye cream and I was off to sleep. How did I feel?- Ah! I felt AMAZING. It’s definitely hydrating as I didn’t use any cream but still could feel the softness on my skin. I was a bit skeptical about the fragrance as I am not a huge fan of cucumber, but the fragrance is not overpowering at all. The liquid in this cucumber mask gets absorbed by your skin and does the magic.

Things i like about it-

  • Neatly Packed
  • Travel-Friendly.
  • Fine Cotton mask
  • Add hydration to your skin
  • Does what it claims.
  • Very convenient to use.

Things i dislike about it-

  • I find it a bit pricey.
  • One time use
  • The effectiveness doesn’t last long.

Wrapping it up- Overall, I loved the Sheet mask and would definitely recommend. Cheers! 🙂