It’s extremely delicious to snack on wafers, patties, pastries, french fries, doughnuts and other similar food items but they are constantly increasing fat levels in our body and harming us silently. But should we really consume these unhealthy food items? Ask a fitness enthusiast and you’ll get a big NO in response. There’s no doubt with the fact that fast foods are the quickest way to satiate hunger but let’s not forget that they carry way more carbohydrates than nutrition. Why consume unhealthy snacks when you have several healthy snacking options available? In today’s post, I’ll be jotting down few healthy snacks which you can munch on without regretting 🙂

1. Granola Bars- Granola bars are cereal bars that are a popular snack that is known for being light-weight and high in calorie. They are mostly taken in breakfast and when hunger strikes to boost you up with nutrition. They contain oats, honey, peanut butter and more to keep you full of required energy.

2.  Dry Fruits Mix- There’s no denial to the fact that dry fruits are the way to a healthy life. They come packed with proteins, antioxidants, minerals and more which add up to good health. Dry fruit mixes are a mixture of nuts and dry fruits which make them perfect for those who need a quick dose of energy.

3. Roasted Namkeen- Regular oil-fried namkeen is probably every Indian’s favorite but it’s consuming us day by day. It’s better to switch to roasted namkeen so that you can cut down on bad cholesterol without compromising the taste.

4. Almond- Need I actually write down the pros of having almonds? We all know that there are several health benefits attached to the consumption of almonds. Dry fruits are excellent at maintaining nutritious health along and keeps tummy happy. This easy snack is good for heart-skin-hair, strengthens immunity, does well for bones and much more.

5. Walnut- I am a walnut lover myself and I simply love how they taste. They are rich in omega-3 and other minerals; it’s true that dry fruits contain fats but they aren’t as bad as what we find in unhealthy snacks. You can roast them for enhancement the taste 🙂

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Hope you found this post helpful, have a great day ahead 🙂 .