fitness dress for gym

Dressing up right for a date or an evening out is a thing of obvious nature. But why let styling be restricted to special occasions only? While making styling a part of your personality, be stylish even when you hit the gym for your workout!Here are some fabulous ways you can style yourself up for your workout sessions.

1. The Brighter The Better- I always believe bright shades bring bundles of positivity. Wearing a bright colored gym-wear will keep you energized for the long hours coming up. Neon colored tank tops are one good option to go for. Or you may just add a dab of brightness to your look by sporting bold colored shoes. Be sure you still get the comfortable pairs!

2. Experimenting The Bottoms- Don’t stick to one style of bottoms. You may get inspired by Taylor Swift gym look sporting subtly colored pants in the shades of sea blue with a hint of black. Breaking the stereotypical matching footwears, she went for an off shade.

3. When In Doubt, Wear Black- Let’s admit there’s nothing that can beat the style of black. It is something that can be sexy, classy and super stylish all at same time! So go for black gym leggings and top too for you have second thoughts about those bright shades. Also black will take care of those love handles or saggy butts you are hitting the gym for!

4. Being Tote-Ready- You surely do carry a tote bag along with you on your way to the gym. The energy drink, the napkins, the hand towel and everything needs to be taken care of. And that’s done by your bag. You may go for a shimmery metallic bag or a bright pink one as per your choice. Try complementing it with your attire for a complete look.

5. The Headgears- It’s important that your luscious hair is neatly tied up so that they don’t mess with you while you’re working on this extra calories. Get yourself a colorful headband or a bandana to brighten up your look. You may want to choose your headgear according to your skin tone. Neon shades can do justice to light complexions whereas red, orange or purple can be the choice for dusky skin tones.

Don’t let your workout sessions be boring anymore. Style yourself up and get all the more motivated towards a healthier you! Tell us how you like to dress up for your workout sessions in the comments section below. Write to us. We love to hear! <3

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