hair and care fruit oils orange and apple

Haircare is essential if you want to keep your tresses long, strong and shiny. I am pretty ignorant when it comes to hair care, even the thought of oiling hair, experimenting DIYs feels tiresome 😛 .  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the importance of oiling, I am well aware but most of the hair oils get stubborn to wash off which makes me end up with double-shampooing. Hair and Care is one brand that makes light hair oils, they recently launched their fruit oils in the market, which are one of their kind. These oils contain the goodness of several fruits like mosambi, green apple, oranges, strawberry, olive and anaar.  I have never used any such product in my life and even the thought of it was making me curious. Hair & Care sent me a hamper which had both newly launched variants, I’ve been using them for the past few weeks and here’s how the new Hair & Care Fruit Oils fared on me 🙂 –Price- INR 60/- for 100mlAbout- Fruits are loaded with vitamins, proteins, and tons of nutrients. Hair & Care in its new avatar introduces this goodness of fruits for the first time in hair oils with Hair & Care Fruit Oils! These super exciting Fruit Oils come in 2 variants with carefully designed combinations of fruits. The Orange variant, loaded with the real goodness of Orange, Anaar, and Strawberry. And the Green variant, loaded with the real goodness of Olive, Mosambi, and Green Apple. These unique fruit combinations work best together to moisturise and energise hair. Hair & Care Fruit Oils with its fruity fragrances and colourful oils is all set to revolutionize the hair oil market!My Take on Hair & Care Fruit Oils-  Hair & Care fruit oils are available in 2 variants- Green(which ccontains the extracts Olive, Mosambi and Green Apple) and Orange(which contains the extracts of Strawberry, Orange and Anaar). These oil bottles are color-coded but the oil inside is completely colorless. I won’t call these bottles travel-friendly as I have witnessed spillage :-/ .

Hair & Care hair oil is well known for its non-sticky formula, it’s one such oil that would nourish your hair without turning them limp and making them volume less. And the same formula is put into the new Fruit Oils as well. These oils smell amazing, I like the green one more hence more usage 😛 .I mostly apply it to scalp and hair length overnight for best results and wash off in the morning using my regular shampoo once. I take a little more shampoo than what I otherwise use, and it helps me get rid of the oily effect it creates(double-shampooing isn’t needed with this hair oil) and gives me soft and manageable hair. On days my hair looks dry, I take few drops of it on my palm and apply it with a light hand as a serum and trust me it works really well that way too. The lightness in texture is a big plus for those who hate oils that make hair look volume-less and love oils which are easy to rid of. This isn’t the kind of oil that would add volume to your hair and weigh them down. It won’t stain your pillow as much as the other oils do. When I am in hurry, I apply it an hour before shampooing my hair and it leaves me equally impressed. Hair & Care Fruit Oils are widely available online and offline, I get to spot these in Jaipur almost everywhere.  They are priced decently and available in several sizes- 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 300ml. If you are eager to try, you can start with 50ml or 100 ml bottle and move to the bigger size if it works well.Have you tried these fruit oils by Hair & Care? Which is your all-time favorite hair oil?