gabbar is back

This is the first time ever that I am writing a review on a movie. The movie was released on 1st may and is co-produced by 2 big banners – Viacom 18 and Bhansali productions. Ever since the theatrical promo of Akshay Kumar’s GABBAR IS BACK was out I was waiting for its release and go watch it ASAP (Sad I couldn’t make it to watch FDFS but better late than never).  Sources say that the movie has been copied from a tamil film “Ramanna”. I am not a lover of south-Indian movies even after knowing the fact that many of the Bollywood movies are inspired/copied by them. Akshay Kumar is portraying the role of that 90’s Gabbar but in a good way. Undoubtedly, Amzad khan will always be remembered for his role in Sholay for playing Gabbar Singh, I still remember I used to get scared and have him in my dreams for the wicked role he played. 😀 Some of the dialogues from SHOLAY have been lifted in this movie, and that’s what brings Gabbar Back.


Movie Plot-

Prof. Aditya/Gabbar along with his gang kidnaps 10 corrupted Tehsildars and put the most corrupted one to death and he is found hanging in public with few files and a CD with audio note from gabbar as a warning to the other corrupted officers for not taking bribes or else they will also be hanged like him someday. Sadhuram (Sunil grover) plays the role of a Constable (an intelligent one), who cleared Sub-inspector exam but couldn’t make to be one as he didn’t have money to be given as bribe (a victim of corruption). Prof. Aditya then meets Shruti (Shruti Hassan) all of a sudden while driving back home as she asks for lift to take her pregnant friend to the hospital. They become acquaintances, and while walking on the road shruti gets hit by a vehicle and when taken to hospital the doctor tells her to get few tests done even when the injury was little so as to mint some good money. Prof. Aditya then sees a woman along with her daughters crying as her husband passed away and she was worried on how she’ll manage without him as she didn’t have the money for living. He then plots a plan and take her husband’s dead body to the same private hospital where shruti went, and admits him as a patient (who was already dead) to get them some money, doctors asked for big fees so that they can begin with the operation and tried their best to fraud with them and squeeze as much money as possible. Prof Aditya then gets the proof of corruption recorded and hands it over to media, and the owner is killed in public outrage. The owner’s father Digvijay Patel (Who calls himself as a brand) gets anguish about his son’s murder and ask for the picture of the one because of whom his son died. And he gets astonished to know that he is the same person who he killed 5 years back. Gabbar sends a CD to police dept to notify that he will kill another corrupt officer from PWD soon but kills the collector. Meanwhile SadhuRam takes some Medical leaves so that he can investigate about gabbar which other people in the police dept are not able to. Later on CBI investigation is put on Gabbar’s case.


Then, Prof Aditya is found dreaming about the last Holi he played with his wife Kareena, and how the building collapsed and took her life (and the life of his unborn baby), the building collapsed because Digvijay singh made building on a land that was muddy but got it verified as OKAY by giving bribe to the concerned people, Prof. Aditya collects all the proofs against him but nobody hears to what he has to say and Digvijay singh tries to kill him. He gets saved by few people who give him a new life, and thus they form a group who works against corruption to make India a corruption-free country, by killing few corrupt officers to warn others for killing them if they take bribe. Then comes the birthday of Digvijay Patil and he gives a party at his farmhouse, Gabbar along with the gang put masks of Digvijay patil so that police can get confused and he can be easily kidnapped. He takes him to his own house and kill him there for the bad deeds he has done throughout. But later on he goes to police and surrenders himself saying his motive was right, but the way he chose to punish them was incorrect and illegal. When public gets to know that Gabbar was doing all those murders for a good cause and to keep corruption away, they started supporting him and protest to free him. But Gabbar explains everyone that Gabbar is not just him, all of them are gabbar from heart who should fight when they see corruption. And then he is hanged to death.


*(I tried my best to recollect the story, forgive me if I am missing few things 😀 )

At few points the movie gets really funny as people start accepting that they are the biggest corrupt person ever so that they can get police protection. Kareena’s role was minimal, she was seen in one song and few other shots, Chitrangada was amazing in the song “Aao Raja”.

The best dialogue of the movie according to me was- Pachaas Pachaas Kos Dur Jabh Koi Rishwat Leta Hai, Toh Sabh Kehte Hain Mat Le Varna, Gabbar Aa Jaaega. & the fullform of PWD as Power wala danda.

To sum up- Its a good movie for action-movie-lovers. 🙂 Gabbar’s image in Sholay has been of a Villain and was negative, whereas in Gabbar Is Back, the image that Akshay carries is positive and the actions he take are to serve the society with a system that is corruption-free- “Naam Villain ka, Kaam Hero ka” .