fuschia cucumber detox soap

Hello Ladies!

These harsh and hot winds of summers are getting into nerves now, the only thing that gives comfort to body during summers is a BATH, agree? We girls are already defamed of being late-lateef for spending hours in bathroom 😛 , but we don’t care, right? When it comes to bath I try my best to give myself a relaxing, soothing and luxurious experience. Few days back I received a handmade soap from Fuschia, and I have used it enough to share my experience on the same. So Today I will be reviewing Fuschia Cucumber Natural Handmade soap, read on to know more on the same-

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Price- INR 225/- for 100gms

About- Natural handcrafted soap is a luxurious tool in keeping your skin healthy.  With its creamy lather, wonderful fragrances, and now affordable prices, pampering yourself has never felt so good.  Its popularity is growing rapidly as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps.

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a) Skin Glow
b) Anti-Acne
c) Moisturizer / Skin Rehydration
d) Skin Lightening – Cucumber helps lighten the sun burnt skin effectively
e) Very effective in removing inflammation and enormous circles under our eyes

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My take on Fuschia Cucumber Detox Handmade soap-

The soap comes wrapped in a transparent polythene pack, and then it’s covered in a beautifully printed paper, with information and variant name written on the same. The soap is green in color and is semi-transparent (like pears). It contains very few small white-colored beads, I have no clue about what they are made of but they dissolve completely while being used. J Since the soap is natural I expected it to create lather when rubbed for long but the soap lathers really well and doesn’t need much application. It cleans skin very effectively but doesn’t dry it out which I very much liked. The fragrance is totally cucumber-like but I found it a bit over-powering, but the fragrance that stayed on my body was mild and lingered for like 2 hours.

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Ever since I have started using face-wash I have stopped using soaps for washing my face. But since this one was natural I gave no second thought in using it there and I was happy using it on face, as it cleaned my face very well (but I had to apply moisturizer as I have dry skin). This bar can easily last for 10days. I don’t suffer from acne-problem so couldn’t test it against that. But yes I believe this can lighten sun-burns and dark-circles because cucumber is well known for skin benefits it offers.

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What I like about Fuschia Cucumber Detox Handmade soap-

  1. 100% vegetarian.
  2. No inclusion of harsh chemicals.
  3. Lathers well.
  4. Cleans skin with perfection.
  5. Doesn’t dry out the skin.
  6. Provides moisture to skin.
  7. Can be a good facewash.

What I don’t like about Fuschia Cucumber Detox Handmade soap-

  1. Ingredients not mentioned.
  2. Fragrance is bit over-powering.
  3. Pricey

*Product Sent by brand for consideration, honest review.