fabindia charcoal face pack

There are times when our skin cries for special care and attention, the best way out is to indulge in some TLC session and give it the required pampering. Face-packs are like an essential while caring for skin. Today I am reviewing a face pack from Fabindia which I recently purchased, read on to know what I have to say about it-ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack001Price- INR 280/- for 100mlReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack002About- Charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities. This pack containing charcoal, uses multani mitti as its base. It absorbs dirt and oil from the pores, leaving skin cleaner and healthier. ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack003Ingredients: Purified Water, Kaolin, Glycerine, Cetostearyl Alcohol, SLES, Isopropyl Palmitate, Activated Charcoal, Papain Powder, Zinc Oxide, Fragrance, Lactic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Imid Urea, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Almond Oil, Lemongrass Oil.ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack004Directions for use: Avoiding the eye area, apply the pack and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack005My Take on Fabindia Charcoal Face Pack- I have always been fascinated by the unbeatable benefits activated charcoal or carbon offers, and to try it myself I picked this from Fabindia during my last visit to their store. I am sure you all would know how it acts like a magnet in absorbing dirt and oil from the pores.ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack006This face pack from Fabindia comes in a bulky yet adorable tub pack with a screw cap as you can see in the pictures, there’s a white colored lid placed on the opening to prevent spillage if any.  The moment I opened my face pack tub I was astonished to see that the liquid part was separated, but when I read the label I took a sigh of relief 😀 as it read the natural ingredients may cloud or separate but that does not affect the quality and efficacy of the product. I tried mixing it with a plastic spatula and it regained its texture. The consistency is quite on the thicker side but it is easily spreadable. With regular usage the face pack gets hardened (not much) in the tub and you may end up adding rose water in it to dilute.ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack007This pack smells of lemongrass and I love it for that. It contains kaolin clay and has got Multani mitti as its base. It’s very easy to apply, be it a cleansed face or dirt filled face, all you have to do is simply place a good layer of it on your face and neck & let it dry completely. This face pack dries up very quickly, mostly in less than 5 minutes. It goes dark grey on face as you apply it, but once it dries up it gets light grey.  Once dry, I splash water on it and massage it a little before rinsing off. It effectively cleans dirt and oil from within the skin. ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack008One thing I don’t like about this face pack is that it gets inside the pores and doesn’t come out if not washed properly. Dry skinned people can’t stay without applying moisturizer post usage.ReviewwaliFabindiaCharcoalpack009What I like about Fabindia Charcoal Face Pack-

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Sturdy packaging
  3. Pulls out dirt and impurities
  4. Dries up quickly
  5. Smells of lemongrass
  6. Contains Kaolin clay
  7. Has Multani mitti(Fuller’s earth) as its base

What I don’t like about Fabindia Charcoal Face Pack-

  1. Sets on pores
  2. Contains Parabens and SLES
  3. Hardens in tub