scuba diving

My TV plays a scene about the marine life and I leave anything and everything I am doing right there, sit and watch until it’s over. Yeah! That’s so me. I haven’t got a chance to explore the beauty and infinite lengths of sea myself but the underwater magic is really spell-binding and has the charm to leave you awestruck. I have a friend who has taken few scuba dives and she keeps telling me how magical and wonderful each one of them has been for her and how she craves for more even after having experienced it few times already.

If we talk about India, you may know that we have some excellent scuba diving destinations in Goa, Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Karnataka which are open to visitors for experiencing the best of underwater life and cherish later. We visit national parks and zoos quite often but we ignore the colorful marine life which is left unexplored by most of us.

Witnessing coral reefs, various unseen species of water creatures which we saw only over the internet, and taking a glance of how those tiny things live under water is an affair of its own kind. There’s something really magnetic about undersea life that turn their heads back to diving and inch them to explore a little more.

For someone who has a fear of water or in particular a diving phobia, they may not feel comfortable at once but if you can’t get over your fears you’re sure to miss out on something totally incredible. If you are plotting a Goa visit and scuba diving is in your to-do list, I recommend you to check out Mojhi which is India’s largest adventure portal. Mojhi offers you a platform to choose the best adventure activity as per your need, you can put in your details and the best quotes will be right in front of you very soon; you just have to pick the most suitable one for yourself considering your requirements, and book it up. There will be diving instructors and professionals to help you learn things easily and make you comfortable while you are making your diving memories.

Happy Diving, the underwater world is waiting for you to explore it!