golden diamond ring

If you’ve been looking for your girlfriend’s ring for a while, you’ve probably seen so many different designs and styles, but yet nothing seems right. That’s because you can’t describe your girlfriend with a premade ring. Both she and your relationship are unique so you may want to think about getting your ring custom made. This way, her ring will be the only one like it and be a symbol of your love.  imageThis guide will help you through the process of buying a custom ring :-

  • Sketch out some ideas. This is the best way to communicate your ideas to potential jewellers. If you can, draw your ideas. If not, jot down some of your design ideas or bring photos of specific details you want included on your ring.
  • Find a jeweller you trust and work well with. If you don’t have a jeweller yet, start by finding some trusted referrals from friends or family members.  If you plan on buying a diamond as well, make sure the jeweller you’re interested in offers a certification such as a GIA certificate. But most importantly, check that the jeweller understands your visions for the ring and that your creative ideas mesh well. Delphi Diamonds guarantee the most competitive prices and is one of the most reputable jewellers in Sydney.
  • Use the 4 C’s to select a certified diamond, as well as choose what diamond shape you want for your ring.  Try opting for a diamond that’s got very few inclusions and is nearly colourless since it has high quality and is cost-effective.  In addition, make sure you get a diamond that shines brilliantly and its facets are cut well. All of these factors play into the carat size and the diamond shape, since you can make a slightly smaller diamond still sparkle if it’s cut right. Popular diamond shapes include the traditional round, princess, heart, and many others.
  • Try on different ring settings to see which ones you like the best.  Maybe you‘re fond of halo settings, where more diamonds encircle your centre stone. Do you prefer sharper edges or do you like softer, rounded corners? Playing with different settings and bands will allow you to see what works, such as pairing it with a pave band. You can find an extensive collective of elegant custom made engagement rings in Sydney at Delphi Diamonds.
  • Choose what kind of metal band you want. Gold offers a traditional option and it’s available in yellow, white, or rose gold. If you have sensitive skin but like the trendy look of white gold, consider getting a platinum band as it is hypoallergenic. Platinum is also more durable and won’t show every day wear and tear as easily.
  • Consider buying both your engagement ring and wedding ring from the same jeweller, especially if you’re going custom made. This way, the jeweller knows what styles you like and will be able to find a wedding band that complements your engagement ring.

If you decide to go with a custom ring, remember to start early. A well-designed one can take over a month, but the look of pleasure on her face will make it worth it in the end 🙂 .

Have a nice day ahead! 🙂


Image Source- nervous system via Flickr