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Hello everyone! Talking about female hygiene used to be a taboo earlier but such things are getting common these days and are much needed in this age. We use public toilets carelessly not knowing what harms it can cause to our private parts. I have been a victim of Urine infection twice during my graduation and only those who have gone through such pain can understand how much important intimate hygiene is. Today’s review post is one important post for each and every woman in this world. I am reviewing something every female should include in her daily hygiene to keep infections and diseases at bay. Read on to know more about Everteen Natural Intimate Wash that I have been using in the past few days-ReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash009Price- INR 180/- for 105 mlReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash005About- Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically designed to promote body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene. It prevents unpleasant and unnatural odors, protects natural pH balance of vagina and relieves vaginal itching & burning.ReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash004

Key Features-
-Prevent unpleasant and unnatural odour
-Protect natural pH balance of vagina
-Relieve vaginal itching & burningReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash006How to use-
-Wash your hands
-Wet external vaginal area
-Pour enough quantity of everteen natural intimate wash onto palm
-Apply externally on the vaginal area
-Rinse thoroughly
-Use everteen natural intimate wash daily during morning shower and at night before sleep.ReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash003My Take on Everteen Natural Intimate Wash- The product comes packed in a white colored carton pack with lots of details printed about the product itself, its usage, its benefits and the manufacturing related details of course. Inside is a beautiful handy see-through bottle that has got pink flip cap which shuts tightly with a sound making it apt for travelling purposes too. 🙂 This bottle fell on floor 2-3 times but there was no damage(all thanks to Everteen). 😛ReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash001There is a good sized hole on the opening of the bottle, but if you want more quantity of it you can easily unscrew the cap and take out the quantity required.ReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash007ReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash008 I love transparent bottles which makes me plan in advance when I need to re-order my about-to-finish products 😀 . When you will open the flip cap and take a whiff, I am damn sure you will be lost in the oh-so-awesome scent this intimate wash has got- A scent so good, a scent so feminine. The color of this intimate wash is pale yellow, has pretty thick consistency and is gel-like. Only a pea-sized quantity of it is required for one time usage. It doesn’t lather like face-washes and body washes as it is soap-free, SLS/SLES free and washes off easily giving me squeaky clean skin with a mild feminine scent with no residues left. ReviewwaliEverteenIntimateWash0010Post usage I never felt any kind of stickiness, skin irritation or itching. Using it I feel fresh for the entire day, it very well maintains the pH balance of my skin and gives me a feeling of moisturized skin. A 105 ml bottle goes a long way, I used it during that time of the month and I was happy how it kept my intimate area odour-free, fresh and clean. You don’t necessarily be someone suffering from urine infection to start using this, you can use this to maintain a good intimate hygiene so that you don’t suffer from the dreadful pain and burning sensation caused by infection.

What I like about Everteen Natural Intimate Wash-

  1. Travel friendly bottle
  2. Easy on pocket
  3. Very Mild on skin
  4. Has a mild scent
  5. Lasts for a good time
  6. Doesn’t dry out skin
  7. Contains 100% Natural actives
  8. Maintains pH balance of private area
  9. Keeps infection at bay
  10. Soap, SLS/SLES Free
  11. contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

What I don’t like about Everteen Natural Intimate Wash-

Come on there’s no such thing I dislike about this! I have already jotted down 10 “+” points about it and that makes it a hit for me.

Have you tried out this product? Which is your favourite Intimate wash? Do share with me in the comments below 🙂

*PR Sample, honest review.