ethicare hydromax cream

No matter how many skincare products I pick for myself every few days, I find them less 😛 and the thirst never gets over. Today, I am reviewing another skincare product from the house of Ethicare Remedies which is “Hydromax cream” for hydrating feel, keep reading to know more about it 🙂 –ReviewwaliEthicareHydromax001Price- INR 199/- for 100 gm

About- Maximum hydration through maximum occlusion offers. Truly longer lasting action Specially developed formula ensures rapid healing. Optimum effect in severe dry skin condition. Available in 100 gm and 185 gm pack.ReviewwaliEthicareHydromax003Ingredients- Moist 24 (sederma france),Shea butter, Kokum butter, Squalene in a specially formulated wax base, Avocado oil, Aromatic oils-olive oil.ReviewwaliEthicareHydromax002My Take On Ethicare Hydromax Cream- This cream from Ethicare comes in plastic flat tub packaging with a screw lid. There was a foil placed on the opening of the tub which I sadly couldn’t capture. The tub is of quite medium size, neither too big nor too small and manages to fit in small spaces in my bag. The texture of this cream in winters is very thick and looks similar to frozen ghee, I think it will not stay alike in summers. It has a powdery fragrance which I am liking so far, it smells like Shahnaz husain’s Fair one cream 😀 . ReviewwaliEthicareHydromax004It contains Moist 24 which provides skin the much required hydration; the other ingredients include Shea butter, kokum butter, avocado oil, olive oil etc which helps keeping skin dryness at bay. Because of its thick nature it takes a while to get into skin but once absorbed, it makes my skin utterly soft and smooth without leaving a oily/greasy cast. Having applied it, I don’t need to layer it up again for the whole day. It’s very moisturizing that I just can’t stop using it on my skin, I haven’t used it on my face yet, thinking it will be extremely for facial usage.

Here’s a swatch-ReviewwaliEthicareHydromax005

*PR Sample