elle18 nail pops nail enamel remover

Today’s review is on something which might not have caught your attention yet. What If I tell you that Elle 18 has a new product to offer? And that too a nail enamel remover? I see your eyes popping! 😀 Yes Elle 18 has done that, they have launched a much-needed product from their house in the Indian beauty market, I never knew of it by any advertisement or promotion until I saw this at a beauty store. I went to buy a kajal and came back home along with this remover (going out to buy one thing and returning with two or more is something I have mastered 😛 ), I saw this pink thing lying right behind the SA and I asked her what it is, she told me it’s a new nail enamel remover that has hit the beauty market recently. I was like whatttttt? (How can something like this go unnoticed by me?). Enough rambling, let’s start up with the review. I have used it quite a few times, here’s how I found it 🙂 –ReviewwaliElle18Remover001ReviewwaliElle18Remover002Price- INR 50/- for 30 ml ReviewwaliElle18Remover003ReviewwaliElle18Remover004My Take on Elle 18 Nail Enamel Remover- It comes in transparent glass bottle with plastic stopper placed on the opening; it is secured with a pink screw cap. I like the shape of the bottle, its bit curvy from one side making it look a little different and attention-grabbing. It doesn’t come with an ingredient list. I have traveled with it and luckily it never leaked 🙂 .ReviewwaliElle18Remover006It comes out as a soft pink color on cotton, the hole on the stopper is small so you have a good control over it and you don’t end up getting a lot of it on cotton ball/round. I have tried it on both regular and glitter/confetti based nail polishes, it never gave me any kind of skin irritation. For the removal of two coats of light colors, it works like magic 😀 but when you have a bright color or glitter based polish on, you have to use a little extra remover and put some efforts. It does have an alcoholic scent but since it’s not that strong, I don’t find it bothersome. It clearly reads out that it comes packed with glycerin, I neither noticed it making my nails and cuticles white after nail color removal nor witnessed it stealing the shine from nails. Thumbs up for it! 🙂ReviewwaliElle18Remover007The best (read economic and effective 😛 ) nail enamel remover I found so far was the lakme one, but this can be considered as a great budget option. I love Elle 18 for their pricing as they keep their products affordable, and this time they have won my heart again for making this remover available for just 50 bucks. It’s better than spending INR 30-40 over a non-branded nail color remover which has strong scent and whitening after-effects.ReviewwaliElle18Remover008I won’t say I am blown away by it but when you are getting something branded for this price, you should just not skip it 🙂 . Have you spotted this somewhere? Would you like to give it a try?