elle 18 juicy lip balm

Some prefer matte, some prefer gloss.. I proudly admit I sail in both the boats 😉 and the choice between the two totally depends upon my mood and the outfit I am going to wear. You all must have heard of these budget lip-balms from Elle18, haven’t you? I am gonna review one out of them only, the name of the shade is “Juicy Red”, read on to know more-ReviewwaliElle18Gloss001Price- INR 110/-

ReviewwaliElle18Gloss002About- It protects, nourishes and also moisturizes. Fortified with SPF 15 and enriched with Vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil, this lip balm is just the kind of love your lips need every day. Kiss away in 6 exciting shades now- Juicy red, Juicy pink, Juicy mauve, Juicy berry, Juicy peach and Juicy beige.ReviewwaliElle18Gloss003My take on Elle 18 Juicy lip balm “Juicy red”- I am a lover of bright and poppy shades, and since I found Juicy red to be the brightest shade from the whole range, I picked it up. This lip-balm comes in oh-so-feminine tube with a girl’s half image on it, and has a slanted nozzle which works as an applicator and makes application easy. It has a screw cap which fits in perfectly and prevents spillage if any. ReviewwaliElle18Gloss005The consistency of this lip-balm isn’t thick or sticky and thus glides easily on lips. The texture is shimmer-free and looks bright red in the tube and comes out bright only however when applied to lips it gives very sheer glossy finish, and I am not dissatisfied with that because on the pack they have clearly mentioned it gives “Hint of color”. The fragrance is very sweet. ReviewwaliElle18Gloss004It can be used over lipsticks for a glossy effect, for casual day-outs I just put it directly on my lips with no lipstick and it beautifully adds a light tint to my lips. It provides good amount of moisture to lips and stays for approximately 2 hours on my lips after which re-application is required. For the price what I paid I got 9 ml which I believe is a good quantity.  The inclusion of SPF 15 is like a cherry on the cake. It comes with the tag of lip-balm but I find it more like lip-gloss. 😀ReviewwaliElle18Gloss006

What I like about Elle 18 Juicy lip balm “Juicy red”-

  1. Pocket friendly
  2. Compact size
  3. Contains SPF15
  4. Glides easily
  5. No sticky feeling
  6. Provides moisture
  7. Contains Vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil
  8. Good quantity offered considering the price

What I don’t like about Elle 18 Juicy lip balm “Juicy red”-

  1. 1. Sheer coverage
  2. 2. Fades in 2 hours

Have you tried any shade from this range of juicy lip balms by Elle18? How was your experience? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂