eeshha soap age recovery

Hello People! I have previously reviewed Eeshha Herbal’s Lip balm and kajal, and today I am gonna review a Natural bathing bar from them with Lavender and nettle leaves, read on to know how I found it –ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalSoap001Price- INR 70/- for 100gmsReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalSoap002About- This unique premium bath soap is designed to provide deep pore cleansing, moisturizing and soothing effects. Contains Coconut oil, Glycerin and Vitamin- E. it is also enriched with Almond oil, Lavender, Turmeric & Neem extracts which makes soft lather. Leaves the skin appear soft, young and radiant.

Ingredients- Nettle leaves extract, lavender oil, almond oil, glycerin & coconut oil. Extracts of neem & turmeric.ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalSoap003Helps to de-toxify the skin, makes skin healthy, pure & glowing, and Removes all dirt, grime, pollutant, make-up and excess oil from the skin, Imparting anti microbial properties and refreshing and tightening effect on the skin.ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalSoap004My take on Eeshha Herbal age recovery natural bathing bar- The soap comes wrapped in a transparent polythene cover and then packed in a carton packaging. The moment you’ll open the carton pack from one end, you will feel a very good aroma coming out of it even when the polythene pack isn’t opened. The aroma is very strong in actual and sensitive noses may find it over-powering but, I liked it very much. The soap looks like a square version of so-very-famous pears. I found the fragrance pretty similar but a bit strong which is good for me as it stays there on my skin for few hours post-bath 🙂 . I have used many handmade soaps so far, but this is the least lather creating soap. Its a hard soap, and you need to rub it several times to create lather which sometimes gets too tough for skin to handle and I usually end up getting pain due to so much of rubbing. The soap is effective enough to clear off all the dirt from body.ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalSoap005
As for post-bath experience it scores a lot better than during bath experience 😀 , my bathroom is all filled with mesmerizing aroma and the best is that it doesn’t dry out my skin(a factor that I basically look for when I am testing a new product). Since the fragrance is strong, it lingers on for 1 hour and then starts diminishing, and goes neutral after few hours. I am in my early 20s and I have nothing to do with age recovery, so I couldn’t test it against that.

What I like about Eeshha Herbal age recovery natural bathing bar-

  1. Budget Friendly
  2. Soothing fragrance
  3. Doesn’t dry out skin
  4. Cleans skin effectively
  5. Contains coconut oil and glycerine
  6. Fragrance lingers on for few hours

What I dont like about Eeshha Herbal age recovery natural bathing bar-

  1. I found it hard as a soap, it hurts skin sometimes
  2. Doesn’t clean makeup completely

Have you used any of Eeshha herbal products? Which is your favourite herbal brand? Do share in comments below 🙂 .
*Product by brand, honest review as always