As skin care is a huge matter of concern, I thought why not make a stand alone post on it. So, this post is entirely written to make you aware of things that can cause harm to you and your skin.


Following is the list of ingredients/chemicals along with the harms it can cause to you; Know what to look for before buying products-

1. First and the most important one is PARABEN- When you are checking label make sure there is nothing like paraben or ending with paraben, On label either it would be clearly written as PARABEN or as methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben etc. Try to AVOID products that have it as one of its composition. Parabens can easily penetrate your skin and can disturb your hormonal function and it is associated with breast cancer as well.


2. SULPHATES- Sulphates are dangerous too; they are used to create lather, and are generally used in bathing products like Shampoos and cleansers. They are listed as Sodium laureth sulphate and often abbreviated as SLS also. They may result in skin irritation, depression, eye damage etc. Sulphates can cause hair loss also, try to buy that shampoo in which there is no sulphate, with the increased consumer knowledge, manufacturers are making sulphate-free shampoos. Hunt for them!!! 🙂


3. BHA and BHT- BHA i.e. butylated hydroxyanisole and BHT i.e. butylated hydroxytoluene are organic compounds known for their anti-oxidant properties are widely used in food and cosmetics as preservatives. Researchers have experimented with BHT on animals and it is proven that it causes cancer in them, and chances are that the same case can happen with humans. So choose BHA and BHT free products.


4. FRAGRANCE/PARFUM- They sound great, but do you know that there are over 3000 chemicals that are used as fragrance. They are not only found in personal care products but also in day-to-day things like soaps, detergents etc. for suppressing odour by offering pleasant scent. Many perfumes are not tested even, and they can cause allergies and asthma symptoms. They expose you to skin problems like rashes, irritation and discoloration. Although they are not easy to avoid as they are present in various things, but my suggestion is to choose products that comes with no-artificial fragrance. Go organic!!!

bottle of perfume

5. PETROLATUM- Petrolatum a.k.a petroleum jelly or white petrolatum it is promoted as an ointment for its healing properties. They are commonly used in cosmetic skin care products. It’s used as an important ingredient in body lotions and baby oils as they reduce moisture loss, also used in hair care products for maintaining shine, BUT don’t forget why it is listed under this list, it might have its advantages but it can be bad for you also. It can result in skin irritation; allergies and can result in break outs as it clogs your pores for moisture locking.


6. TRICLOSAN- Triclosan is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent and it is a part of many consumer products like toothpastes, mouth-washes, hand-washes, cleansers, deodorants etc. Triclosan is strong enough to reach the deepest layers of your skin, and play with your hormone function and it is suspected to cause cancer also. I suggest you to either stop buying products that contains it or limit the usage.


7. PHTHALATES- Phthalates are generally used as plasticizers i.e. added to plastic to increase flexibility, durability and transparency. They are generally written as Dibutyl phthalate or DBP, are used in personal use products like hairsprays, nail paints etc. They are generally not listed on the label, but have their own side effects like liver/kidney damage, early breast development and impair fertility. It is absorbed through skin and can cause serious problems.


Hope you found this post useful. Do you also check labels before making your purchase or you ignore it completely? Do share in comments below 🙂

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