how to make dip in nail paint remover

Hello Munchkins! I have so many products lined up for review that I completely forget about putting DIYs on the blog 😀 , but I have a wonderful DIY to share. You must have seen Colorbar and Bourjois sponge based nail-enamel removers, but since it is priced high few of you might be hesitant in buying one. So, I thought to share something unique so that you can make a similar one at home using easily available things.

Things you’ll need to make your own “Dip-in nail paint remover bottle”-

1. An empty bottle
2. Piece of sponge (to fit the bottle)
3. Nail paint removerReviewwaliMagicBottleDIY001Here’s how to make it-

Step.1- Make a roll with the sponge, and take a dry empty bottle or container (Hey this is not mine, I don’t use any such facial oil, I took this from my roommate as I found it apt for this DIY 😛 ) Make sure you choose a bottle that has a wide opening so that it’s not a hassle to put finger inside.ReviewwaliMagicBottleDIY002Step.2- Now put it inside the bottle slowlyReviewwaliMagicBottleDIY003Step.3- Once you are done putting in inside, press the sponge with your finger to make it fit the bottle perfectly. (If you feel sponge you’ve taken is less than required don’t mind putting more on the edges)ReviewwaliMagicBottleDIY004Step.4- Pour in your favourite nail-enamel remover inside the bottle.ReviewwaliMagicBottleDIY005Anddd that’s it! You just made your very own dip-in nail-paint remover. ReviewwaliMagicBottleDIY006Now dip-in your painted finger inside, let it rest for few seconds and twist a little before taking out. Voila!!! The enamel will be all gone. I have used Colorbar Acetone-free nail-enamel remover while making this, you can take any remover of your choice. It can be amazing DIY for lazy bums like me who take nail-paint removal as a headache. 😛

What do you feel about this DIY? Are you gonna try this out? Do share with me in the comments below