d'free anti dandruff lotion

I am sure you all must have faced the embarrassment of white dry flakes falling from head on shoulders which left a bad impression on others or gave you a nightmare of wearing dark colored t-shirt in public with dandruff over it and made you hide it by opting for light colored t-shirts. You are not the only person facing/having faced it, it’s completely common! Many people go through this frustrating situation including me, but avoiding it can be more disastrous. Dandruff if stays for long can cause regular itching and hair fall. I recently came across this new product from Athena Life sciences which is an anti-dandruff lotion that is supposed to be left on scalp overnight, read on to know my experience using the same-ReviewwaliDfreelotion001About- Introducing New D’Free, a revolutionary OVERNIGHT ANTI DANDRUFF LOTION that stays on and works on scalp, truly leaving you dandruff and itch free. New D’Free features “Anti Recurrence’ formula that combines 3 Power Anti Dandruff Ingredients that will leave your hair dandruff free. Further, Enriched Nutrients leaves your hair soft and healthy. Apply lotion and leave overnight for just Twice a Week. Clinically Proven Results in just Two Weeks.ReviewwaliDfreelotion004Price- INR 200/- for 100 mlReviewwaliDfreelotion003Ingredients-ReviewwaliDfreelotion005My Take on D’free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion- I myself have tried many anti-dandruff shampoos, but shampoos are to be put on scalp and hair for few seconds after which they are washed off. When I saw the advertisement of this revolutionary product on TV, I knew I had to try this. The concept of keeping an anti-dandruff lotion overnight intrigued me. 😀ReviewwaliDfreelotion002The product comes in a purple carton pack with bottle and leaflet inside with details printed. The Lotion comes in a purple colored bottle with a green nozzle which is twistable. As you twist the nozzle anti-clockwise, the cap gets unscrewed and is ready to dispense lotion on squeezing. The nozzle gives you full control on the quantity to be dispensed as it’s your choice to twist it less or more. This lotion has a very strong fragrance which is very good and perfume-like, the consistency is lotion-like but is a bit thin as compared to body lotions. It has a Combination of 3 Proven Anti Dandruff Agents – Zinc Pyrithione, Climbazole & Piroctone Olamine.ReviewwaliDfreelotion007It is to be used twice a week; I usually apply it on Wednesday and Sunday night. Its very easy to be applied, you just need to put it all over your scalp and massage it a little and then leave on scalp overnight and wash off the next morning with a gentle shampoo. It washed off very easily with no greasiness left on hair and scalp. The fragrance as I mentioned is very good but strong, and gave me headache on 1st time application but after that I got used to it. 😛ReviewwaliDfreelotion008The very first usage of this anti-dandruff lotion didn’t give any result and the itchiness & dandruff was intact. From second application onwards the itchiness in scalp started reducing and there were fewer flakes. I continued using it for a good time and it actually worked guys!!!  I can now notice a drastic change in my dandruffy scalp condition. I used it for 2 weeks and it helped me get rid of dandruff problem.ReviewwaliDfreelotion006I stopped using it after that and I could feel the itchiness creeping in again. I think it works well in giving relief when used for 2 weeks but has to be used for some more time to clear it off completely. I have started using it again, and will update this post when I have to tell more about it.

What I like about D’free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion-

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Smells amazing
  4. Dermatologically tested
  5. Handy packaging and Leak-proof nozzle
  6. Contains 3 power ingredients
  7. Doesn’t give sticky feeling
  8. Works amazing on clearing dandruff
  9. Starts showing effect in 2 uses
  10. Didn’t cause any hair problem

What I don’t like about D’free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion-

  1. Contains lots of chemicals
  2. Fragrance can be overpowering for some

*PR Sample, honest review