cosmetic junction oats soap

Hello! Hope you are doing well. Today, I will talk about handmade soaps which are like a treat to body, hope you agree. My skin thanks me every time I make use of handmade soaps during my bath time. I am always up to try new bath care products; recently I came across Cosmetic Junction which is an online store for natural handmade products. They have products ranging from lip balms to lip scrubs, from foot scrub to body scrub and from body lotions to body butters. They take order through their facebook page and Instagram store 🙂 . Today, I am reviewing their Charcoal and oats soap, keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 –ReviewwaliCosmeticJunctionSoap001Price- Price: INR 100 for 100 gms ReviewwaliCosmeticJunctionSoap004
Goodness inside- Activated charcoal,oats,tea tree oil,neroli oil, frankeniese oil.
-Does not clog pores
-No artificial colors
-Suitable for all skin types (best for acne prone skin)ReviewwaliCosmeticJunctionSoap002My Take on Cosmetic Junction’s charcoal & oats soap- With soaps coming at steep prices, this one definitely goes easy on pocket and doesn’t burn a hole 😛 . It came packed with a transparent food wrap and had a sticker placed on the top on which “Experience. Entice. Exult” is written. There is a faint smell which I find pretty similar to Patanjali Activated charcoal face wash. It’s homemade and 100% natural with no chemicals at all. No matter how many chemical filled products we use on daily basis, but when we hear/read the word “natural” we’re all eyes. Activated charcoal is renowned for its benefits and miracles in skincare. It acts as a magnet to attract dirt, oil and grime from skin and make it clean and fresh. Oats are the other major ingredient of this soap, they have their own benefits.ReviewwaliCosmeticJunctionSoap003It lathers up well which is generally not expected out of chemical-free products. Using it first time was a weird experience as I didn’t think that rubbing it from the oats side on body could be harsh 😀 . From next time, I made sure I put it on from the black plan side and exfoliate a little with the help of oats and it really worked great that way. It was very easy to wash-off and there was no slippery feeling post bath, it surely made my skin squeaky clean. For summers its fine, but for winters it can be a little drying (So, moisturizer has to be put anyway). It can last easily up to 12 days as it doesn’t melt crazily like others 🙂 .ReviewwaliCosmeticJunctionSoap005