colorbar acetone free nail paint remover

Today I am gonna review a nail enamel remover from the house of Colorbar Cosmetics which I am currently using, but let me tell you this is not the one you are probably confusing it with. This is not that high priced ultimate nail enamel remover, it’s the regular one.  Read on to know more about it- ReviewwaliColorbarEnamelRemover001About- Colorbar Nail Polish Remover is enriched with Protein & Vitamin B5 to strengthen the nails and instantly removes Nail Lacquer. Its natural Emollient conditions the Nails.

Price- INR 125/- for 110 mlReviewwaliColorbarEnamelRemover003Directions- Take some nail polish remover in cotton ball and gently remove the nail polish in a circular manner till completely removed.

Ingredients-ReviewwaliColorbarEnamelRemover004My Take on Colorbar Acetone Free Nail Enamel Remover- This nail-enamel remover comes in a white colored plastic bottle with a plastic stopper/lid placed on the opening of the bottle and has a black screw cap. Being a care-free person I feel ecstatic about the plastic packaging as I don’t have to keep it safely like those other glass bottles. A little quantity is good enough to clear off nail-polish in one go! I am glad I don’t have to rub it up several times for removing even 2-3 coats of regular polishes. However the oh-so-stubborn glitter ones will take few extra minutes for complete removal.ReviewwaliColorbarEnamelRemover002I have seen people making a hole on the cap for easy usage but I don’t do that to prevent leakage. Every nail-enamel remover I’ve used so far had a strong spirit-like scent, but this one is very mild and pleasing. I have experienced other removers drying out my nails and leaving a whitish cast on skin around them, but this one truly surprised me as after every nail-polish-removal-session I didn’t witness any dryness on and around nails. ReviewwaliColorbarEnamelRemover005
This nail-enamel remover is Acetone-free, toluene-free and DPB free, and thus isn’t harsh on nails. It contains proteins and Vitamin B5 which helps in strengthening nails.ReviewwaliColorbarEnamelRemover006If you haven’t tried any acetone free nail-enamel remover by now, you should try one and you will be able to see the difference between acetone and acetone-free remover all by yourself in just few uses.

What I like about Colorbar Acetone Free Nail Enamel Remover-

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Plastic bottle
  3. Acetone free, Toluene Free and DBP free
  4. Removes every bit of nail-enamel
  5. Contains protein and Vitamin B5
  6. Post usage nails look shiny
  7. Can be used to remove glitter-based polishes(but takes time)

What I don’t like about Colorbar Acetone Free Nail Enamel Remover-

  1. It takes time in removing polish (but that doesn’t make me sad knowing the fact it is acetone-free)
  2. I wish it removed graffiti nail enamels too

Which is your favourite nail enamel remover? Have you tried this one? Do share with me in the comments below. 🙂