cinthol woman deostick spark

Today, I am talking about “Cinthol Deostick” which is a newly launched product from the house of Godrej. I am not really sure when exactly this was launched, I saw its advertisement doing the rounds and on a random visit to a beauty store I spotted this lying gracefully on their counter. These are available for men and women in 6 variants (3 for men, 3 for women) . The variants available for women are- Aura, Spark and Swirl (correct me if I am wrong). The store I went to had only “Spark” and since it was priced affordably, I picked it on a whim 😛 . I have used it for quite a good time, keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 ReviewwaliCintholDeoStick001Price- INR 69/- for 40 gmReviewwaliCintholDeoStick003About- Meet Cinthol Deostick. A cream based deodorant that lasts 3 times longer, it is gentle on the skin – a promise no other spray deodorant could ever live up to.ReviewwaliCintholDeoStick002Usage instructions-
1. After a shower, take the Cinthol Deo Stick and gently squeeze out a little amount.
2. Directly apply onto your skin, moving the tube in a circular motion. There is no need to use hands for application.ReviewwaliCintholDeoStick004My Take on Cinthol Woman Deostick “ Spark” – Cinthol deostick comes in an inverted tube with no outer packaging. They are priced very economically at just INR 69 which is way lesser than other deodorants available in the market at the moment. With the term “Deostick” I thought it would be some roll-on deodorant like Sure Dry Shield but it isn’t. The packaging of Cinthol DeoStick is kept very simple, nothing fussy; a soft squeezable tube with a dispensing nozzle secured by a plastic cap. ReviewwaliCintholDeoStick005The texture is creamy-white which oozes out when the tube is slightly squeezed, a good control over it is required, in case you squeeze out more there’s no going back. I am using it daily after shower from the past few days; I take off the cap, squeeze it a little and move it all over my underarms. The fragrance is very nice, soft and refreshing. You might see a white film right after application but fret not! It gets absorbed in sometime. There are some deodorants that cause a tingling sensation or irritation on application and also darken skintone, but I didn’t have to face that with Cinthol Deostick. Also, I haven’t witnessed a single stain on my clothes using this. It take few minutes to dry up and get absorbed so make sure you don’t wear clothes immediately after application.ReviewwaliCintholDeoStick007Coming to the staying power, 3x long lasting power is a sky-high claim; it doesn’t come even an inch closer to that. The wear time is ordinary, it barely lasts on me for 4 hours at max so there was nothing special I could find about it on that note. One more thing I don’t find pleasant about Cinthol Deostick is that the product left on nozzle post application accumulates on the edges.ReviewwaliCintholDeoStick006Have you tried Cinthol Deosticks? I have heard people raving about “Aura” variant. Do you think there is something even better than this in this price range?