Dark-circles and eye-puffiness are a common problem that almost everybody experiences at some point or the other in life, and I believe eyes are like a mirror of our personality and they should be well cared of. I have dark spots around my eyes(the result of being awake late at night 😀 ), So I was looking for a budget-product that not only claims but also lives up to it. From the past few days I have been using an under-eye gel from Bio Bloom, Read on to know my experience on the same.


Price- INR 259/- for 15gm

About- Bio Bloom, an organic brand, believes that beauty is found in its best form in nature. It aims to bring out the most simplest and natural ways to enhance your beauty. Natural extracts from aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, mint and green tea goes into the making of this soothing eye gel – helps diminish sagging skin & dark circles. Its FREE from all harmful chemicals like PARABENS, SULPHATES, PETROCHEMICALS etc.


How to use- Apply to clean eye contours. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse. Repeat twice daily.

My Take on BioBloom Under-eye gel- Knowing that the under-eye area is the softest of all, extra care should be given to it, I prefer gels over creams because heavy creams can make the area oily. I was hunting for a under-eye gel and took no time in picking this eye gel from Bio Bloom when I read that it contains natural aloevera gel, cucumber juice, mint oil, green tea extracts etc, as I know how beneficial they are in improving the dark spots, puffiness and sagginess. This under-eye gel comes in a transparent tub packaging with a black screw cap, and a white lid for safe handling. The gel is golden brown in color as it can be seen in the pictures. The fragrance reminds me of POLO mints, so so calming that I feel like licking the gel up sometimes. 😀 .


From last 10-12days I am using it as per the instructions and it has reduced puffiness around my eyes, I apply it under my eyes and they are already there in heaven experiencing the minty-sensation of it and getting soothed. It dries up a bit quickly which I personally don’t like. I liked this gel quite much for what it does to soothe it, though it didn’t do any good to my dark circles so far so I won’t say anything on the same, maybe I have to wait few more days for it to work and give me visible difference. I like the cooling sensation it gives and love how it reduces the puffiness under the eyes. It not only soothes eyes but also mind with its wonderful fragrance. This tub is small but it can definitely last for some 40 days(which is quite a long time) if used twice a day.


What I like about BioBloom Under-eye gel-

  1. Sturdy Packaging
  2. Fragrance is very refreshening
  3. Glides easily
  4. Gets absorbed quickly
  5. Contains aloe vera gel, cucumber, tea extracts.
  6. Sulphate and paraben-free.
  7. Doesn’t cause irritation around eyes.

What I don’t like about BioBloom Under-eye gel-

  1. Unhygienic packaging (I prefer tubes over tubs)
  2. Dries out fast. (on my super-dry skin)

Have you ever used any product from BioBloom? Do let me know your experience, comments will be appreciated. 🙂