baker street

Food is something I am never bored of! I always find ways of discovering new food and trying it out (You never know when you’d find out your next favourite food, isn’t it? 😛 ). On one of my last trip to Big Bazaar I saw food products from a brand called Baker Street which was alien to me as I have limited my purchase to commonly available brands and their products. I don’t usually buy any product that comes my way, but the packaging and certifications were influencing enough 😛 . Since the product range was really huge I had difficulty finding out one product that I would buy to judge how this brand actually is. I am very specific about picking khari(Indian tea-time snack) and I believe if someone can make good kharis, they’re worth it! I love khari, I love methi(fenugreek); so, I picked up Baker Street’s Traditional Methi Khari. I can’t really put in words how much it was liked by me and my family, the crisp and taste was beyond perfection. This positive experience made me pick more variants from the brand, and I am extremely happy with the delicacies they make. Here’s a little information about the brand 🙂 –bakerstreet-bakery-products-amp-biscuit-companies-in-india57eb8e2e9e610ac12f3dAbout- ‘Baker Street’ is a 21st century food business that was formed under the aegis of M/s Sarjena Foods by two dreamers viz., Vishal Vira and Nirmal Gogri who dared to dream with open eyes so that they can see their dream attain shape. Within a short of time, the dream turned out be a dream business, wherein everything that the duo touched upon turned gold! This wouldn’t have been possible without the incessant efforts of not the duo, but every single employee of the dream factory known as ‘Baker Street’.

If you’re a food lover, this brand has a lot to offer you for some serious indulgence. From cookies to muchies, from basic toasts to cake rusks, from khari to nankhatai, they make it all at top-notch level. They have a range called “Nutribite” which is about 100% Whole Wheat Cookies with 0% Maida- High Fibre, No Transfat without compromising with quality & taste they’ve been serving their customers with 🙂 . I am listing down the number of variants they have in each category, and you’re sure to be left amazed 😛 –

1.  Cookies- 8 variants


2. Munch Bites- 4 variants


3. Toasts- 4 variants


4. Rusk- 5 variants


5. Khari- 9 variants


6. Nankhatai- 1 variant


7. Cake- 4 variants


8. Nutribite Range- 5 variants

Most of the bakery brands these days include egg and other such contents in their products which are mostly avoided by people who have vegetarian food preferences. The USP of this brand is that they make 100% vegetarian products, so their products can be picked blindly without having to dig into the ingredients list. Baker Street products are available widely in retail outlets like Reliance fresh, hypercity, big bazaar, spencer, max hyper etc and now they are targeting local stores too for easy availability. Their presence is not limited to India only, they export to more than 19 countries which proves how much they are loved by all.

I recommend “Baker Street” to you and your family members, their products are really upto the mark and your taste buds are sure to thank you post-consumption 😉 . 

Have a nice day! 🙂