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Today’s post is bit different from what I usually put, I am going to talk about a social networking website which is far different from other social media channels we all are registered on. It’s created by a group of friends who are zealous towards their interests and found other social networks irrelevant for sharing common interests. I am talking about Affimity today which is a social platform to connect with those who share common passions. Affimity is a combination of “Affinity+Amity” which is passion plus friendship. Here’s a small brief about Affimity before I explain you how it works 🙂 –

About Affimity-  Are you tired of the noise in your social feeds – dealing with vacation pics, status updates and other random stuff, while you are only in the mood for some comfort food? Do you worry about spamming all your friends posting about something that excites you, knowing only a few of them care about it like you do? Do you wish you could discover and make new friends based on shared interests?

Signing up for Affimity is an easy-peasy process, you can make your account in less than a minute and start exploring this new platform where there is no clutter like other social networks. As you sign up, you are supposed to subscribe to channels that interest you so that only selected content appears in front of you. How cool is that!

A quick comparison with popular social media platforms- 

Facebook is a good way to connect with people but there is nothing like setting a relevant category. We are exposed to unwanted content and media shares which are totally useless. It’s commercialized and all the time there are ads sticking out. Twitter is all about hash tags, there is nothing on twitter which can assure that you will be confronted with people who share your passions. Also tweet character limit is another disadvantage. For maintaining a good follower count on Instagram, you’ve to be extremely active. Even after being a good photographer and an active insta member you have to keep patience until your profile goes noticeable and you start gaining followers.

With Affimity, the case is totally different. When you will post something in the channel/niche selected it will appear to those people only who have chosen the same channel which results in readership and good response. In less than few seconds your post starts getting likes and comments. If you wish to follow someone you can open their profile and click on “Follow now” to get updated with their regular posts and if you want to be friends with them you can simply send them a friend request. Affimity is an extremely helpful network for bloggers as it gives them the advantage to reach out to people who share their interests and earn good readership.

I totally love Affimity, they stay true to words of their punch-line “Social Networks Reimagined” as this is really a new and meaningful concept. For me, Affimity is an escape from the social networking world filled with lots of unwanted mess and a big sigh of relief to read necessary content only, and also befriend similar-minded people who share similar passions. Here’s my profile, Let’s connect on Affimity!