Few days back I received a bright colored package in my mailbox and I was extremely excited to unbox it and know what came inside. It was this gorgeous looking hamper from Hair & Care which has a fruit tiara and placards with fruit benefits inside. It’s a well known fact that fruits are an ultimate source of Vitamins and minerals, in fact they are the healthiest and delicious-most thing to snack on. Hair & Care is a brand that makes hair care products and with this hamper they are conveying that they are soon to come up with something extremely exciting which marries fruit and oil. Scroll away to see how the hamper looks like 🙂 –For now, I have no clue what the new product is going to be as they haven’t disclosed it yet, but let’s go through the benefits of fruits to understand how they can provide best nourishment for hair. Fruits ain’t good for skin only, they are equally good for hair too-

Orange- Oranges are packed with antioxidants and are an excellent source of Vitamin C. This fiber-rich fruit can treat dandruff related concerns and add strength to your hair, oranges are known be an excellent natural hair conditioner. Mosambi- Mosambi is a fruit which is known for its nutritional benefits, it offers several health benefits. This tangy fruit has vitamins that can strengthen hair and treat split ends which is a common hair concern for many.Anaar- Anaar or pomegranate is a superfood as it’s packed with Vitamin A, C and E, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, folic acid and more. It prevents hair from falling, strengthens them and add natural shine to make them look full of life.Olive- Need I actually write the benefits of olive for hair? The vitamins and antioxidants present in olive oil are known to promote scalp and hair growth. Try asking the secret of healthy hair to those who have thick and long hair, chances are that you might get to hear “Olive” in return 😛 .Strawberry- You must be aware of the skin benefits strawberries offer, they are good at improving complexion and toning skin. But did you know they are excellent at keeping hair healthy? Yes, the antioxidants and richness of Vitamin C can fight dandruff, add moisture to hair and make them bouncy and shiny.Green Apple- Green apples are nutrient-rich fruit with high fiber and mineral contents, they offer number of skin and hair benefits. The awesomeness of nutrients present in green apples can strengthen hair and promote hair growth.The combination of Oil and fruit is gonna be deadly, I am super-duper excited to know about this new product Hair & Care is launching. Do you have any clue about this soon to be launched product? Are you excited to know? Have a great day ahead 🙂 !!!!