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I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I being a short girl also believe pricey things come in small packages. 😉 So this styling blog is for all you priceless women. To bring the best of your body size, you can try the styling hacks as follows. And no! it doesn’t include wearing heels.1. Verticals Are Your Saviour- Dresses or shirts with vertical lines are sure to balance your look by giving an illusion of “a few added inches”. You may also go for pants with vertical lines with a plain shirt/ top.

2. Be A “One-Shade” Girl! – Dressing in one shade from top to toe isn’t a bad idea for you lady! You may go for a mono shaded dresses or jumpsuits.

3. Go High On Waist! – High Waist trousers, pants or any other bottom create an illusion of longer leg length. You can add to the illusion by slipping into wedges or stilettos as per your choice.

4. Smaller Prints? A Big YES! – You should definitely go for smaller prints for your dresses. Small polka dots, animal prints like leopard’s, etc are a few safe and sure options to go for.

5. Sweetheart Neckline, For You Sweetheart! – This neckline draws attention to your beautiful neckline and collar bone. Go for it girl! You might also like to go for off shoulder tops or dresses.

6. Figure Fitted Outfits- Any oversized or loose outfit is just not your thing! You surely do not want to feel like wearing a tent and roaming! Rather go for figure fitted dresses. Flaunt those curves darling!

7. Roll Them Up! – If you are wearing a casual shirt or shrug kind of thing then rolling up your sleeves a little is a simple yet effective hack! Avoid complete covering of your arms.

8. The Shorter, The Better- It definitely follows for your dress/ skirt length. Any dress or skirt with above-the-knee hemline will bring the best of petite body type. You can add to the beauty by narrowing your waist with the help of belt.

9. Minimalism Is The Key- Do not accessorize much. You do not want to look burdened with tons of stuff! Go classier with a piece of jewellery stylish enough to draw anyone’s attention. Get accessorized without overdoing it.

So, these were a few ways of styling petite body type in the rightest way. Do give us your feedback in the comments section below. Also don’t forget to check out our other fashion and styling related blogs.

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