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Hello people! How’s your week going? I watched Katti Batti this week and got bored to death, had quite high expectations with it but came home disappointed 🙁 . Coming to the post, I took this #7DayGarnierChallenge few days back and here’s how I found the combo of white complete range’s face wash and multi-action fairness cream-ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange001About Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash- Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull & dark. Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash is an effective daily face wash that helps you discover clear, radiant, and even complexion.ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange002Price- INR 145/- for 100gm

Directions- Apply on wet face. Gently massage in with fingertips avoiding the eye contour. Rinse thoroughly. Use twice daily. Follow up with White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream.ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange003My Take on Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash- This face wash comes in a white colored tube with yellow un-screwable flip cap, the hole on the cap is big enough for regular usage however if you require more of it you can easily unscrew the cap and take out more. The tube is made up of soft material so you don’t need to exert pressure while squeezing. ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange004This face wash is really gentle on skin and contains pure lemon essence and instructions on the tube read this face wash is suitable for all skin types. The color of face-wash is white and the texture is on the creamier side. I have dry skin type, so for me a small quantity suffice for the whole face, however if you have oily or combination skin type you might require bit more. Since the texture is creamy it won’t lather as much as the regular ones do, but it effectively cleans up my face leaving no residues of dirt left. If you have makeup on, this face wash won’t help you much in cleaning it up entirely. Every usage of it gave me a clean and clear skin without any dry/stretchy feeling which many face washes did to my dry skin.

About Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream- Enriched with natural ingredients, this formula provides instant whitening and long lasting fairness. Your skin looks even, feels fresh and moisturized with a natural glow.ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange005Price- INR 160/- for 40gm

Multi Action fairness cream for glowing skin :

1.Instant Whitening – provides instant whitening
2.Sun Protection with SPF 19 PA+++ – Protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA and UVB sun rays
3.Long Lasting Fairness – Fairer skin over time with regular usage

Dermatologically tested – suitable for all skin types.ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange007Directions- Apply daily in the morning on perfectly cleansed skin. Gently massage into the skin using light circular movements, moving from the centre of your face outwards and from the base of your neck to the top.ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange006My Take on Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream- This multi-action fairness cream from Garnier comes in a sturdy plastic tub/pot. If we see the bottom of it, it gives the feeling of a glass tub. The tub is all white and has a screw lid. Cream is white in color and the texture is neither too runny nor too thick, I find it pretty similar to other fairness creams I have seen. ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange009The smell of it is something which I don’t like much. I hope you all are aware of the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, here’s a good news for you that comes packed with this cream and that is- UVA an UVB protection filters. Its infused with SPF 19 PA +++ which is really good for protection against sun. After washing my face with the above mentioned face wash I apply this cream all over face and neck, let me mention it absorbs real quick in skin leaving a glow. Post application I get sweat on my upper lips area but that’s pretty usual for me and nothing to complain about. For my dry skin I need to apply bit more quantity because applying less of it gives me stretchy feeling which I can’t bear for long. So I am pretty sure that dry skinned beauties will need to apply more of it to soothe their skin and reflect the glow. The same way I felt for oily skinned people in regard of face wash, same I have to say here in case of Multi-action fairness cream too; I think it will suit people with oily skin very well.ReviewwaliGarnier7DayChallange0010

Let me break the surprise for you all lovely readers and followers, you can claim your free sample from Garnier White Complete range here , all you have to do is fill up your details and put my name i.e. VISHAKHA SINGH in “How did you hear about the contest” column, that’s all !! Sit back and wait for your sample. 🙂

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